Year: 2012

$100 giveaway for organizing bags

$100 giveaway for organizing bags

This giveaway is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered, shared + tweeted!  The winner is suzieqw!  Please email me asap to claim your booty allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Thirty-One, a company full of organizing totes and accessories to make organizing your life easier. Today they’re giving away a $100 gift card to spend on whatever you’d like from their catalog; I have my eye on the wicker magazine holders, heaven knows I have enough of a…
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Today is your day

playing in leaves

I have the kind of pregnancies no one should ever experience.  The kind of pregnancies that didn’t exist 100 years ago because the mother died 12 weeks in and stopped bothering everyone with her nonstop complications.  I’ve talked a little bit about it here before, and even though I’m still haunted by the memories and don’t like to talk about it a ton, I learned some really amazing life lessons from the whole shebang. There’s something about flirting with death…
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Tea Light Made From An Orange

tea light made from an orange

It’s still Winter, even though the weather in Utah has been ten kinds of insane.  She’s a fickle little diva, that Winter.  Anyhow, since citrus is so widely available in the depths of despair December/January it’s a fun time to get your craft on and whip up a tea light made from an orange.  Or three. Serious. Martha, procurer of all things beautiful, taught me how to do this little bit of magic with oranges and I’ll tell you what:…
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Winter riding clothes for women

        Winter riding clothes by petitelefant featuring skinny leg jeans Denim Supply by Ralph Lauren denim button down shirt £64 – Drykorn blazer €199 – Rag & bone skinny leg jeans $176 – Rupert Sanderson high heel booties $945 – 3 1 Phillip Lim clutch bag $425 – MICHAEL Michael Kors gold jewelry $250 – Jules Smith rose gold jewelry £85 – Roberta Chiarella post earrings $68 – MTWTFSS Weekday blue shawl €10 – H&M metal aviator sunglasses £4.99 –

Make-up tips for photography

makeup tips for photography

I’m teaching a design camp at Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City this weekend about make-up tips for photography.  You know, for all your big photo shoots.  So I thought I’d share the bulk of my presentation here with you, because I’m a giver.  {but mostly because I need cliff notes while I’m presenting} Regular makeup doesn’t do the job when you’re being photographed, especially if the photographer is using any kind of flash.  It’s really easy for the colors…
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Magical Polish cemetery

graveyard sunset

The best part about our European vacation wasn’t the playgrounds, although they were full of rad.  Or the Turkish baths in Budapest, although I’d like to move into one of the changing cabins post haste.  It wasn’t even the bubbly water, or the trains, or the month without a cell phone, even though each and every one of those things were worth the trip. The best part about Europe was seeing where my husband grew up, seeing his primary school…
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What’s in your purse series week 76

what's in your purse series chloe purse

This week’s What’s In Your Purse Series purse is courtesy of me, moi, yours truly, me and mine. I started the purse series in June of 2010 by sharing photos of the contents of my purse, and you guys have been amazing to dump your purses and share the contents along the way for seventy-six weeks.  That’s a ton of purses. I still have a handful of purses in my arsenal {thank you!} but I thought I’d share what’s in…
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Banana hanger for the kitchen

how to make a banana hanger

This week is choc-a-bloc full of how-to’s for you.  First it was how to dye your hair at home, and now I’m going to show you how to make a banana hanger for the kitchen. It’s like I can’t even help myself anymore. I know this is the simplest of simple things, but a banana hanger in your kitchen {if you’re one to eat bananas that is} not only saves space, it saves you from the misery of mushy brown…
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CES 2012 – consumer electronics show

CES consumer electronics show

This week I road tripped my way way down to Las Vegas to attend CES 2012, the International Consumer Electronics Show with my good friends Rachael Herrscher and Breanne Mansell, both from Today’s Mama.  All three of us are tech savvy, entrepreneurial women who run businesses in the social media sphere.  At any given time if you were to check our purses you’d probably find at least one iPhone, a DSLR camera, and a laptop or two.  Maybe throw in…
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