Year: 2012

Appropriate bridesmaid wedding fashion

My dear friend Helen Jane asked me some wedding fashion questions today, and I couldn’t help her without going full on inspiration board. It’s just the way my brain works – I’m so so super visual. Anyway, Helen Jane’s questions basically surrounded the topic of what constitutes appropriate bridesmaid wedding fashion.  It’s tricky.  You get invited to a friend’s wedding and all of a sudden there are 10 events over the course of the weekend, and what on earth are…
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I need more time in the day

time in the day

This post is Sponsored by Clorox. Help stop the spread of germs with Clorox® disinfecting products. I need more time in the day.  Who doesn’t?  I mean, how often do you think to yourself it would be amazing if there were 3 of you, or if you could just push pause on your day to get everything done before you push play and do all the great stuff you’re always meaning to get to. So if you had three extra…
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Show your independence


Right around the 18 month mark of tiny babyhood, Precocious decided she was done letting me play dress-up.  Just when we were getting into the really cute clothes stage, out of onesies and jumpsuits, Precocious decided she was a better judge of fashion than I and that she ‘would take it from here’.  As you might imagine, I was a little heartbroken.  I mean what 18 month old have you ever seen dress themselves properly?  We ended up playing battle…
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Some weekend reading for your eyes

I’ve rounded up some weekend reading for your eyes.  The stories run the gamut from Rush Limbaugh to an angry birds craft, so there’s a little something for everyone. Please to enjoy. Have you found Pinterest, You are Drunk yet?  Oh my.  It’s my new happy place on the internet. {photo via google via Brandy via Pinterest, You are Drunk} Politics and moms.  It’s complicated. Sweetney watched Ryan Gosling’s The Notebook, and absolutely hated it. Marie made a cute Mirror…
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How I like to wear jeans: dress it up

dressy jeans and accessories

Last week I shared how I like to wear jeans: everyday look and now all I want to do is go shopping and buy 10 more tunics for summer. Stay focused Allison, stay focused. Today I’m not talking about tunics at all, or an everyday look.  Today I’m talking about how I dress jeans up to look fancy.  Not too fancy though, I’m too tired for that kind of business. A couple of things really make for a “dressy” denim…
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Joy the Baker wrote a book

Joy the Baker book

One of my favorite people ever, and that’s not even overstating it a little, Joy the Baker wrote a book. Oh Joy. Oh, Joy. Isn’t she a babe?  Like, straight up authentically gorgeous. I met Joy at a Jennifer Garner event last Fall.  I didn’t know anything about her, she was the only blogger at the event I’d never met, and she was hysterical.  She was behind me in a Q + A session with a chef and I was…
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And then I cut my finger off

and then I cut my finger off

I’m working on a regular post for today, but I got a little derailed last night by a minor flesh wound which is making it ridiculously hard to type.  Stay with me.  It took me 3 minutes to type that sentence. Golden. Viktor refuses to shave like a normal person; instead he uses a super old fashioned antique straight razor which sits atop our bathroom counter.  I came home from the gym last night and felt like flossing {stop judging},…
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How to make lip scrub at home

how to make lip scrub at home

You know when your lips get nasty, dry, and cracked?  The kind of dry where your lips peel and bleed, and you can’t eat or drink anything for two days until your bleeding and broken lips heal enough to go out in public? Just me? Oh, okay now I feel super awkward. I’m a big believer in lip exfoliation.  It takes you from whoa to WHOA in approximately 2.2 seconds.  There aren’t many things in life that can blow your…
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Beautiful Park City hotel getaway

park city lodge

Have you ever been to Park City?  I’m a little spoiled because it’s in my backyard, and grew up looking at those mountains every single day of my life.  But even for me, jaded mountain beholder that I am, Park City is a mecca of beauty.  It doesn’t matter if you go in the summer or in the winter, that place is gorgeous. Okay, it kind of matters if you go in the summer or winter, but stay with me…
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