Month: March 2012

World War 2 memorials in Warsaw Poland

world war II memorials in warsaw

I’ve been having a hard time corralling my thoughts about all the World War 2 memorials in Warsaw Poland from our family trip last summer, but it’s time to share. Honestly, a huge part of my desire to visit Warsaw while Viktor’s parents were still alive was so my children would learn about their heritage straight from Babcia and Dziadek {grandma and grandpa} in their home country.  The things Viktor’s family has experienced over the last several generations are almost…
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What’s in your purse series week 82

what's in your purse week 82

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series is from Anne.  Thanks Anne! If you love this series and want more of it, submit your purse. Take two photos of your purse {NICE, CLEAR, NOT-BLURRY ONES} one of the outside, one of the inside, along with a listing of the contents to: allison AT petitelefant DOT com My purse is a basic black bag that my husband bought me about 5 years ago.  The brand is Longchamp and it has held…
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Perfect Springtime Punch

perfect springtime punch

It’s Spring-y out.  Okay, it’s flat out Spring.  Officially anyway.  Utah’s Spring is a little different than it is for the rest of the world.  Here it’s just less cold than it usually is, which is to say: cold-ish.  Which is neither here nor there.  What IS here and there is a perfect Springtime punch recipe I’ve put together for you! Make it how you want, it’s your party and you can drink if you want to.  I don’t drink…
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Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games

The world is exploding right now with The Hunger Games.  Okay, maybe not the whole world, but definitely my corner of it.  Have you read The Hunger Games trilogy?  Suzanne Collins, the author of the series has written what are arguably some of the best novels ever written.  If you haven’t read them, go do it now.  I’ll wait. Done?  Good.  That’s about how long it took me to devour the set. The first book, The Hunger Games, was turned…
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Sunrise in the Czech Republic

sunrise in europe

I leave you for the weekend with some photos of Europe.  Viktor snapped these pictures from our train car as we were headed into Prague for the day.  The children and I were completely sacked out, blissfully oblivious to the whole world {you’ve never slept until you’ve slept on a moving train – I slept like the dead} while Viktor captured the morning calm of a new country. We have shots like this from every different country we visited in…
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What’s in your purse series week 81

in her purse series

I’ve been a little under the weather over here at casa Czarnecki, so I’ve missed a few weeks of the What’s in your purse series.  This week though?  This week totally makes up for all my sins of transgression.  This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series was submitted by Cathy who’s purse we checked out on week eighty. Thanks Cathy! Cathy found the purse of her husband’s grandmother with an amazing little peek inside.  Check it out. If you love this…
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yummy gluten free quinoa salad

gluten free quinoa salad

A few months ago I announced I’m vegan now and trying my hardest to eat gluten free as well. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a rough four months trying to completely re-educate myself about healthy and safe foods, in addition to incorporating the changes into my family’s meals. Surprisingly, eating vegan has been so much easier than eating gluten free. But trying to find something to eat that’s both gluten free AND vegan? Fugheddaboutit. It feels like mission…
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Some spring fashion for you

Today is the first day of spring. Finally.  In honor of the changing season I put together an outfit I’m dreaming about, some spring fashion for you.  And, I’ll be honest, a little bit for me. There might be snow on the ground outside but I’m having happy warm thoughts thinking about sunny days ahead.  Days with new sunglasses, fancy lady hats, perfectly breezy skirts and a favorite cold drink.     I really can’t get this maxi skirt out…
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How to home pedicure tips and tricks

how to home pedicure tips and tricks

I’m not going to lie to you, today’s post includes a lot of gratuitous photos of my feet.  Not because I have a weird foot fetish – gross – today it’s all about how to home pedicure tips and tricks.  How ’bout them apples?  I really do apologize about the feet, but I couldn’t really find a way to do a how to pedicure post without showing an actual, you know, pedicure. Whatever. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! …
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