Year: 2011

new trendy glasses for women

new trendy glasses

You guys, I totally gave in to the new trendy glasses for women craze. I couldn’t help myself. These glasses are so close my original first pair of tortoiseshell frames from the 3rd grade, I had to get some.   They’re wicked cute. And I’m willing to fully embrace the fact that they make me look a little bit nerdy. I kind of like them. A lot. I’m not super hot on the diamond studs on the side, but you…
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how to home made tortillas

flour tortilla

I’m not even a little ashamed to admit I go to my favorite local Mexican food restaurant {Cafe Rio} just for the tortillas.  They’re insane.  But at a dollar a pop on top of an entree, my Mexican food expeditions are getting a little pricey.  So I decided to make my own homemade flour tortillas. Holy cow you guys, I can’t even begin to explain the yum.  Totally different taste than store bought tortillas, like you’re not even eating the…
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how to liquid eyeliner

I wish someone had taken me by the hand and taught me how to apply liquid eyeliner.  Although that someone would have had to have found me at the ripe old age of 12, because that’s when I started really getting crazy with makeup. I don’t approve. Anyway, here’s a quick video tutorial on applying liquid eyeliner.  It’s way easier than you think, especially when you draw a template first like I do.

Flip Giveaway

video camera

— This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for entering! —  The winner is Ashlee. Let’s talk about Cancer for a minute.  Cancer shouldn’t really get any face time at all anywhere, because the disease is the worst.  In fact next to Lupus, Cancer is my 2nd least favorite disease of all time. My grandmother died after a long battle with breast Cancer.  My cousin {and mother of 3} was diagnosed with Cancer when she was 30-something and underwent major treatment…
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What’s in your purse series week thirty eight

brown leather purse

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Bernadette.  Love the purse, love the lighting, love the contents.  Thanks Bernadette! If you want to submit your purse, email me two photos {not blurry ones} to allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom, along with a listing of your purse contents so we all know what we’re looking at. — What’s in my bag? Bucket hat from Banana…one of the few hats that actually works on my giant head Purell & Tissues Tide Stick Lip…
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casual spring outfit for women

spring outfit

Spring is close,  or so I hear.  I’ll believe it when I see it people. Still, I’m dreaming of the days when I can wear a really cute, fair weather outfit without the benefit of a space heater at my feet.  Here’s my daydream of a casual spring outfit for women.     It’s still all about the nautical theme for women, hence the striped scarf.  The yellow is just to help us all remember what colors flowers really are,…
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my favorite tea

tea bags

Being married to a European can be trying at times, and lovely at others.  I’m assuming it’s like that in any marriage, no matter where your spouse comes from.  Mine is a very European Euro man who’s obsessed with his tea. Tea drinkers unite! Up to this point in my life {and our very tea-filled marriage} I’ve loathed tea.  Hated it.  Despised the very smell of it. Until I met this beauty. Have you ever tried Harney & Sons tea? …
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how to apply cream highlighter

You’ve always wanted to know how to apply cream highlighter right?  You do know what that is, yes?  I thought so.  You’re so savvy like that. Grab a tube of cream highlighter, or a pen and paper, and we’re off to the makeup races!

Weekend Plans

justin bieber's hair

I’m taking a long overdue sick day today, but I wanted to point you to some cool stuff to keep you entertained.  I’m all about keeping you happy, I really do love you that much. This week on BabyCenter‘s Momformation blog I wrote about guilt.  As in, leaving it all behind.  Feeling guilt free about having a nanny. Amen. I was pretty opinionated about this year’s Oscar fashion. Have you ever wondered how to make an Inspiration Board?  The kind…
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