Month: November 2011

What I wore Wednesday head scarf

what I wore Wednesday head scarf

Today we’re playing What I wore Wednesday.  Yes I know it’s Tuesday, that’s the kind of Tuesday I’m having.  I’m just going to pretend today is Wednesday and that the week is on fast forward. Okay?  Okay then. Here’s what I’m wearing: denim cap-sleeve,  thrift store {GAP} green cuffed jacket: Anne Taylor Loft brown leather belt: Lands’ End head scarf: flea market {Warsaw} jeans: Lee* jeans shoes: Bass {via Nordstrom Rack} gold clutch: Banana Republic jewelry: Forever 21 I never…
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For baby Afton

baby Afton

Last week I wrote about my friend Kami Bigler whose sweet baby Afton Jean passed away after being born too soon at 26 weeks and 13 ounces.  It’s been a trying time for Kami and her family, but the online community has rallied around them with love and support.  It’s been a heartrendingly beautiful thing to watch, strangers from around the world sending love and prayers while the Biglers have had to do the unthinkable and bury a child. A fund…
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Black Friday purse giveaway

black friday purse giveaways

This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to Epiphanie bags for giving away such an amazing bag.  Thanks so much for everyone who entered, commented, and tweeted! The winner is Erica Mueller.  Congratulations Erica! Remember yesterday I told you to tune in for your very own Black Friday on Petit Elefant? It’s time. Time for a camera purse giveaway. I feel a little like Oprah. Giiiiiiiiiiiiveawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! I’ve told you how I feel about Epiphanie camera bags.  I like to call them…
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Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving from my family

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!  Today I’m taking the day off to spend time with my family.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  There’s no pressure for gifts, no celebration of gluttony {except maybe the gluttony of all the food in mah belly}, nowhere to go but on the couch next to the fireplace with a game of Monopoly. I promise you though, while I’m eating pumpkin cheesecake pie today I’m also stashing away a little love for…
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The best pie crust you’ve ever made

best pie crust ever

I don’t want you to get all freaked out about making your own pie crust.  You can do this.  We can totally do this, together.  In fact, you’re going to be super surprised at your mad pie skillz after making a crust or two. This is seriously the best pie crust you’ll ever make.  Flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth.  Whip this out as a party trick at any old holiday get-together and you’ll be the talk of the town. Too many clichés…
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DIY facial 2 ingredients

DIY facial 2 ingredients

You want a facial. You need a facial. But your wallet is sort of… well… your wallet is a bit of a tightwad; it thinks you need to ease up on the beauty budget a little. Don’t worry, you don’t need to break up with anyone just yet;  I’ve got a cheap fix for your facial needs. You knew I would, I always do. A homemade facial mask using only baking soda and water.  Boom. Step 1: Measure 3 parts…
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Our Costa Rica vacation

costa rica gift of happiness

A few weeks ago I received an email from an ad agency who represents a small Central American country, claiming The Costa Rica Tourism Board had personally selected me, and wanted to send me on a vacation to Costa Rica. I did what anyone would do in the situation.  I sent a snarky email right back, asking about the hidden agenda. There had to be a catch right?  People don’t just call up and offer trips to a gorgeous Central…
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Double dream feet Thursday

Remember the fabulous Double Dream Hands fellow? He’s back better, brighter and smile-yer than ever in Double Dream Feet. Help me Rhonda, I’m so happy. What’s the best thing you’ve seen on YouTube lately?