Month: January 2011

vintage pearl giveaway


–UPDATED– The winner is: Emily January 31, 2011 at 7:55 pm So beautiful! Emily, get in touch asap with to claim your prize! — Do you remember the sterling silver necklace I had made for my mom from Vintage Pearl?  I gave it to her at Christmas and she almost didn’t know what to do with herself she loved it so much. Seriously, hard core love. Guess what friends?  I’m giving away two $50 gift certificates to Vintage Pearl…
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tween fashion on Hollywood Boulevard

I’m a day late, a dollar short, the house is messy, and my father-in-law is still in town. I can’t win today. However, I do have a cute photo of Precocious’ outfit to bide you over. We were in L.A. last week? The week before? I don’t know. We were in L.A. at some point this month for an event with Jennifer Garner that I’ll post about as soon as the swelling in my hands goes down. Not even kidding…
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What’s in Your Purse Week Thirty One

whats in my purse

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series Purse is from Jan from Aerograms from Jan, a Canadian Expat living in Ireland.  I want to be like her when I grow up.  Thanks Janice! Purse – I lusted after this black leather Coach bag (model 9326) for years since I first met my best mate Marie back in 2003. When Marie retired hers from regular usage, I sneakily picked one up on eBay and it’s been my best mate ever since…
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easy flower centerpiece

flower centerpiece

I made this centerpiece for a Christmas party I hosted in December and my friend Marie said to me “You have to blog about this!”, to which I replied lamely, “Really?  But it was so easy.” And I missed the entire point, because hello, I’m all about the easy livin’. Materials needed to make Easy Flower Centerpieces: multiple short vases {I used short drinking glasses from my other lover IKEA} a bouquet of cheap flowers such as Carnations {I used…
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flat stella.

visit to paris

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?  Meet Flat Stella. A few years ago for a school project, Precocious was required to create a Flat Stella version of herself.  She drew a purple dress, long golden hair, and chocolate brown eyes in a an adorable 3rd grade likeness of herself.  We were assigned to ship Stella off, with an envelope and instructions to photograph Flat Stella wherever she landed. First Stella went to our friends in Maryland.  Flat Stella had…
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12 hour lipcolor

You guys, this 12 hour lipcolor from L’Oreal is off. the. hook. Please to enjoy.

wedding attire

wedding attire

Hello all. This post will be brief. I’m in the middle of attending and speaking at a social media design conference called Alt Summit, and in an effort to stay upright {literally, I’m almost flat on my face with tired at this point} I’m not going to post again until Monday. However, I wanted to show you the outfit I wore to our friend’s wedding on Monday. It’s my favorite wedding attire so far. Dress: Shabby Apple Tights: Nordstrom, Brass…
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how to: look less tired with make-up

makeup brushes

***REPORTING FROM LOS ANGELES*** Would you like to know how I fool people into thinking I get a full night of sleep?  I totally trick them with makeup. Watch this quick video tutorial on how to brighten your eyes with a little makeup trick that I learned from the pros.

Wedding report:

Allison in downtown SLC

Victor here reporting to you on behalf/behest of Allison.  Allison is in Los Angeles right now with P at an event that I am sure she will be writing about soon.  In fact, in sure that she’s Tweeting about it @petit_elefant.  When she comes back, she’ll go straight to the Alt Summit where she’s speaking/presenting/mingling and selling this year’s Social Luxe Lounge event.  Anyways…. We spent the last few days about 50 miles from home getting ready and helping celebrate…
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