Year: 2010

what’s your favorite design blog?

So, remember how I’m speaking at Alt, a design conference in SLC? Well, my panel is all about how to find the best, most inspirational, wonderful, tickle-your-fancy, design blogs out there. And I need your help. So if you’d be so kind would you tell me where you go online to get inspired? What are your favorite design blogs?

auction for haiti.

How is this whole awful situation in Haiti making you feel? I’m feeling sick, sad, and heartbroken about it, wishing I could be there to help. I’m worried about the mamas who lost babies, the babies who lost mamas, and everyone inbetween. My dear friend Alma and her husband Mike, the wunderkinds behind Ollibird, are hosting an auction for Haiti on their site right now. They’re auctioning off awesome prints like this one: and registration to their Photoshop and Illustrator…
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children inspire design winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Children Inspire Design Giveaway. The lucky winner is: Terri Fisher said… I love the number wall cards and would get them in Chinese for the daughter we will be adopting soon from Taiwan. Congratulations Terri, on both counts. Get in touch with and we’ll get your spoils off in the mail.

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how to find the right bra.

We need to have a conversation about bras. I know, it’s kind of personal, but it has to happen. Too many of us are wearing the wrong support and it makes a huge difference in how clothes hang on our bodies. Obviously my body doesn’t look like this underneath my clothes: Obviously. But, I am rather *ahem* well endowed and I can’t go gallivanting around without the right support or I look 5-10 lbs. heavier than I am. Did you…
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1st grade photobooth.

Viktor found this photo of me in the depths of our basement the other day. I’d never seen before but it but it’s what I looked like in the first grade after I gave myself a bang trim. Those bangs must have been bothering me, and I haven’t stopped the hair schizophrenia since.

moisturizer from your pantry.

I’m sure you already know that Olive Oil is amazing for your skin, right? Really good for your skin. But have you ever thought about just taking it straight from the kitchen pantry and rubbing it all over your hands just like lotion? If you answered *no*, that’s why you have me in your life. Seriously, it feels amazing on your skin. Because we’re fancy at my house we use Western Family pure Olive Oil, but I’ve gone one step…
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my office.

home office

With the flooding, rearranging, and new flooring in our house came a shifting of furniture. The study, formerly only home to my desk {$30 at a yard sale} and some bookshelves, turned into a major family hub when the sofa from the family room moved in. I had to move my desk over to a blank wall and away from the front window, {a perfect eagle’s eye view to Charming’s daily activities outdoors} a move I wasn’t thrilled about, but…
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what to wear to Alt Summit.

I’m speaking at the awesome Alt Summit design conference in Salt Lake City next week {I know, I KNOW!} and I’ve been thinking about what to wear. Of course I have, that’s how I roll. There are a couple of factors involved with the conference weekend wardrobe: it’s cold in Salt Lake City, and it’s cold in Salt Lake City. The first part of the conference involves a party in the Grand America Hotel ballroom where we’ll be warm and…
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giveaway: children inspire design!

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to tidy up and redecorate your children’s rooms, like it is for me? I have just the thing for you. A giveaway of a collection of 4 prints and a set of wall cards from Children Inspire Design. $100 worth. Hooray! Just tell me what piece you love the most and you’re entered to win. Also, a great giveaway going on at the Children Inspire Design Blog. $900 in art being given away,…
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