Year: 2010

fun homemade valentine’s day ideas

Here’s a roundup of all kinds of Valentine fun, in case you’re in the mood to be a little crafty. The step-by-step tutorial for this homemade felt heart brooch from Dabbled are easy enough for a beginner to follow. Cute right? Remember this heart braid from last year? I’ll attempt it again with Precocious next week. I swear. What about this great heart pillow made out of buttons? Totally doable. This heart pudding pie from Make and Takes looks delicious…
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nashville, tennessee

That is all I have to say about that. My feet are the size of two small water buffalo, so I will lie in bed one more day with some bad magazines and a cold compress on my head before I resume blogging. Just know this: fun things happened in Nashville and none of them had anything to do with this guy or the National Tea Party:

minted valentine cards giveaway winner!

The Minted giveaway winner is Andrea: I’ve been known to send out Valentine Cards because the Christmas season was just too busy. This would be great! Congratulations Andrea! Hurry and claim this so you can get some Valentine cards out.

what shoes to pack for a trip.

How many shoes does a woman need for a blogging conference? If you answer correctly, I’ll buy you a Diet Dr. Pepper. This is how many I packed for Nashville. Well, that’s not true, I added a pair of running shoes so I could sneak in a run with the girls from Eat. Blog. Run. so I technically packed 7. Yikes. I think I packed too many, but I actually put some back if it makes you feel any better….
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how to: pack makeup when traveling

As you read this I’m 36,000 feet in the air on my way to Nashville, Tennessee for a blogging conference called BlissDom. I’m 10 kinds of excited for this trip. I didn’t go to the conference last year and heard wonderful things about it, so I can’t wait to hop off the plane and party like it’s 1999 with all my blogging friends. For the record, Precocious was born in 1999. I wasn’t doing a whole lot of partying. Or…
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suave hair party.

Last weekend I hosted a Suave hair party, which basically means I got to have a party for all my girlfriends wherein our hair was styled. With Suave, of course. My amazing friend Donna brought cupcakes. And Alma {thank heaven for Alma} supplied the cold caffeine. I didn’t get any photos of the copious amounts of caffeinated beverages, I was too busy drinking it. Thanks Alma! My darling hairdresser Camille, {incidentally the only hairdresser I’ve ever had who agreed to…
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highlights from michelle obama’s wardrobe.

I ran across this article in New York Magazine about Michelle Obama’s style since she’s been in the spotlight. Personal politics aside, this woman has some serious style. I had a hard time choosing a favorite outfit {don’t I always?} but I love the belted look she seems to favor. Also? Even it doesn’t seem like an oddity for us mere mortals recycle outfits twice a week, Michelle is doing the same thing, and I love her for it. {photos…
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twilight valentine’s hearts

My friend Donna, who knows I enjoy some vampire fiction, brought me a box of Twilight themed conversation hearts a couple weeks ago. Not only do they make my tongue go numb, some of them are sparkly. Yes, sparkly. I love Valentine’s Day.

hot lunch box date night in.

The grown-ups don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, it’s created some, uh, tension in years past, but if we were to have a date night in this would be it. Night at the Drive-In$39.95{via Hot Lunch} Everything you need for a stay-in movie night packed in an adorable metal lunchbox. Now that’s something even Viktor could stand behind for a stress free Valentine’s Day. {I received a lunch box to review for this post, and I may or may…
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