Year: 2010

what’s under your fridge?

You really don’t want to know what was under my fridge when we pulled it out. But I’m going to show you anyway, because that’s what bloggers do. We show you the worst of what’s going on in our lives, because we’re all on the same team here. Are you ready? I’ll let you look at the old fridge first. We bought it from a guy at Viktor’s office for a steal when we moved into our house. It was…
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an open letter to swiss miss.

Dear Swiss Miss, I love you and your little hot chocolate packets. They’re so easy to mix up, transport, take camping, pack in my carry on luggage when I fly, and make after school snacks for the kids. Do you know what I love even more Swiss Miss? Do you? I love much when you came out with this hot chocolate called Mocha Cappuccino. I loved it so much I bought it in bulk, 10 boxes at a time. I…
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thrift store find.

I took a huge load of kitchen goods to the thrift store on Friday. I’m trying to get rid of as much stuff as humanly possible before the kitchen is put back together; I don’t want to put anything back in those cupboards that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Which is great in theory, except that I can’t just drop a load off at Savers without going inside, looking around, and coming out with one. But I got some…
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my boyfriend’s outta town.

The boys have left, all three of them, to take Dziadek {our Polish grandpa} back to California. It’s just me and Precocious all alone with the world at our fingertips. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. They left quite a mess in their wake, those boys. And for any of you who might feel a little jealous that I’m getting a renovated kitchen, that I get to travel all the time, and that I own a horse, I want you to do a little exercise…
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happily ignorant

I can honestly say, this is one of those times when I’m thrilled about the fact that I don’t speak Polish. I have no idea what’s going on at the rip roaring speed of sound between these two, and I have no intention of finding out. I’ll be in my happy place if you need me.

My Interview with Hallmark.

It makes me cringe watching myself in interviews, but here you go. In case you’re having a cringe-worthy day and you need to see someone else making a fool of herself in front of a camera. You’re welcome. [youtube=]

my favorite features on the frigidaire gas oven.

To say I like my new Frididaire range is not unlike saying I sort of like my children. I mean, they’re okay, I guess. If they’re in the right light. Um, no. I worship the ground my children walk on, and would stand in front of flying bullets to keep them safe. Is it sacrilegious to put my new appliances in the same category? I think not. I love this range more than words can describe, I really do. As…
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3 Mormons & a Bloggess

Before I delve into the awesomeness that will be this week post wise, {life wise my house is a mess, I need to unpack and do laundry, go grocery shopping, locate and sign all kinds of consent forms for the kids for school, clean my bathroom, and well. That’s enough.} I need to just mention where I’ve been. I was at Mom 2.0, a conference in Houston on Thursday and just got back yesterday. I’ll go into the nitty gritty…
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how to saddle a horse.

We’re trying to train Reuben, our horse, to tolerate a saddle. And reins, and a bit. He doesn’t like any of that nonsense, he’d rather be ridden bareback. I personally hate riding bareback and need him to get on board with the whole saddle thing so we can get to know each other a little beyond me throwing hay over the fence. Precocious is trying to be a good horsewoman and learn how to properly take care of and train…
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