Month: October 2010

Trick or Treating.


How was your Halloween weekend?  Trick or treating happened on Saturday night for us because we live in Utah and that’s the way things are here.  I had less than 20 kids stop by, which means I broke my sugar-free clause to eat the remainder of the trick-or-treating candy. Not good. I woke up with hands the size of bear claws.  Lupus + sugar don’t mix.  Sugar makes me swell.  To the size of a water buffalo. Oh well.  Those…
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Halloween Weekend Wrap-Up


If you need a few last minute Halloween ideas, I’ve been chock-a-block full of them this week: Treat Bags for Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Halloween How to: Make Easy Ghost Suckers And some from years past: Mummy Costume on the Cheap How to: Make Caramel Apples And from other places: Candy Corn Frozen Yogurt & Witches Fingers from V and Co. Halloween Party Playlist from Seventeen Magazine DIY Halloween Costume Ideas from Family Fun Have a fabulous Halloween weekend!  See…
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Treat bags for Halloween.

ghost treat bags

I’m in love with these cute ghost treat bags for Halloween.  I know we’re down to the wire with time, but I had to share these with you before next year.  Little ghostie sacks filled with treats. Supplies for Halloween Treat Bags: white paper sacks googly eyes glue hole punch scissors ribbon Halloween candy or other treats Step 1: Cut the paper bag to the shape of a ghost.  Trim off the top of the bag in the shape of…
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Cute Camera Bag.

purse camera bag

At the Mighty Summit this cute Epiphane camera bag was one of many amazing gifts we were given. Yes, this purse is actually camera bag. Fo’ Shizzle. There’s room enough in the bag for a large camera, like my Canon EOS Digital SLR, and a few lenses.  I always have my three lenses with me, wherever I go.  You never know when you might need to shoot in a low light situation! This little thing, the one that looks like…
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What’s In Your Purse Series: Week Twenty Two.

brown leather purse with tassels

Hey you.  Yes YOU.  Have you submitted your purse for this series yet?  I didn’t think so.  What’s the holdup?  Dishes?  I hear you, mine are totally all over the counter right now.  It’s okay, pause for a minute wherever you are and take a photo of your purse.  Take one of the outside, one of the inside and send them my way.  You can find me here:  allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom.  You know I love you for it already. This week’s: What’s…
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Faux Fur for Fall?

fur boots

Today on BabyCenter I’ve opened up a discussion.  Faux Fur for Fall? What say you?

Pumpkin Craft for Halloween

pumpkin craft

It’s Halloween-a-palooza at our house this week.  Are you a big celebrator of holidays like this one?  My kiddos are going nuts for any distracting crafts keeping them at bay until Halloween and the massive drop of candy this weekend. I’m doing my best to oblige. This is the easiest craft known to man.  Easy pumpkin craft for Halloween?  Check. Oranges with Jell-O brains?  Check, check. Supplies for Orange pumpkins: 2 packages of Jell-O 3 or 4 big Oranges paring…
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how to: make your summer wardrobe last into fall.

Here’s a quick video that will help you transition your summer wardrobe into fall. Surely you have some tank tops floating around, yes? I thought so. Blazer: Gap $15 on sale Shoes: Dillards $20 Jessica Simpson suede boots {SALE central} Tank Top: GAP $1.98 on clearance {booyah}

how to: make easy ghost suckers

ghost suckers

I know there’s nothing fancy or amazing about these ghost suckers.  They’re as run-of-the mill as Halloween crafts come, but sometimes, oldies are goodies. Here’s how to make easy ghost suckers for Halloween.  Make ’em for your kids, make ’em for your neighbors, make ’em for your friends. The supply list for this craft is almost ridiculous. Easy Ghost Suckers: yarn tissues suckers black marker STEP 1: Take two tissues {more makes it too bunchy, less and you can see…
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