Month: June 2010

Yummy 4th of July Dessert Recipe.

whip cream and jell-o

This dessert is my contribution to our family’s 4th of July BBQ.  Individual jello dessert with whipped cream on top; an easy and colorful recipe for the holiday.  Can I get a what-what?  This stuff is delicious. This jello recipe takes three ingredients, including water.  You could do this in your sleep.  Practically. Ingredients for Yummy 4th of July Dessert Recipe: -1 box each red & blue Jell-O -container of spray whip cream Seriously, in. your. sleep. Follow the instructions…
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Justin Hackworth 30 Strangers Exhibit.

portrait photographer

Remember a few months ago how I participated in a photography project by one of my favorite photographers, Justin Hackworth? Justin shoots an amazing series called 30 Strangers wherein he shoots 30 strangers in 30 days, and donates the proceeds from the shoots to a local women’s shelter.  It’s amazing, top to bottom, and I was so thrilled to have been a part. Now Justin Hackworth is holding an exhibit to showcase the 30 Strangers photography. Here’s the skinny: Opening…
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SocialLuxe Lounge BlogLuxe Awards.

blogluxe awards

That’s a mouthful isn’t it?  I’m one of the hostesses of the annual SocialLuxe Lounge, a party on the eve of BlogHer which is a huuuuuuuuuge conference for blogging women across the country.  SocialLuxe is my baby, the most time consuming thing in my life aside from my actual children, and sometimes even a little more demanding than those. As part of SocialLuxe Lounge, we hand out awards for blogging awesomeness called BlogLuxe Awards.  The nominees are by the people,…
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On why I love my mom.


My mom makes wonder woman look like a slacker.  Like maybe she’s tired and taking a lunch break instead of saving the world. I’m one of eight children, yes eight, who are all 2 years apart. My mother didn’t sit down from approximately 1968-2007.  No, she’s still not sitting down if we’re going to be completely accurate.  Not only did she have eight children, she worked full time, was heavily involved in church responsibilities, taught Joy School for the younger…
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what’s in your purse series: week four.

what do you have in your purse

This series, where we’re all dumping out our purses, and showing each other what’s inside?  I love this series.  I may have mentioned that a time or two, but I mean it.  I’m having so much fun seeing what you all carry around, and feeling so validated about the amount of stuff I take with me in my purse at any given time. This week’s purse comes to us from Amelia Merritt, a very cool friend I met in real…
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shoes to pack when traveling.

shoes for travel

This post couldn’t be more timely since I’ll be out of town when you read this.  I’m in the middle of the floor with a big pile of shoes around me as I type this, trying to figure out which shoes to take with me for my trip to Park City this weekend.  I’m speaking at a social media conference for women called EVO, and I want to take all my shoes.  Alas, I cannot.  So, I’m leaving you with…
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homemade sidewalk paint.

We made homemade sidewalk chalk paint at our house last week, and it was a big, fat hit.  It’s basically liquid sidewalk chalk you paint onto the sidewalk with a brush.  So much fun.  It only takes 3 ingredients, one of which is water.  Hallelujah. Ingredients for Homemade Sidewalk Paint: -1/4 cup cornstarch -1/4 cup cold water -food coloring -paintbrush Seriously, can it get any easier? Measure your cornstarch into a bowl. I chose to start off without doubling the…
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awesome toys for kids.

awesome toys to buy

We took a trip to California a couple weeks ago, and aside from a TV in the car {best invention yet.  period.} our main source of entertainment for 12 hours {each way} was some toys from B. These toys are smart, well designed, pretty, durable, and totally created with kids in mind. My kids went nuts for the beads.  They’re all shapes, sizes, and colors and you can make rings, bracelets, necklaces, whatever your heart desires.  We literally played with…
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fun summer drink recipe

This fun summer drink recipe is perfect for the sweltering hot dog-days of summer.  I originally found the recipe in Real Simple magazine and whipped it up with my kids last week.  It’s delicious and easy as pie. I like pie. Ingredients for Sparkling Pineapple Ginger Ale: -12 oz ginger ale -1 1/2 cups pineapple juice -slices of fresh pineapple cut into wedges Measure out your ginger ale and pour it into the pineapple juice, like so. Garnish with pineapple,…
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