Month: January 2010

winter beard.

I hate facial hair. A lot. But Viktor’s latest growth has me rethinking things a little. Okay, I think it’s totally sexy, even though it’s red.

minted valentine cards giveaway $50.

Do you remember how cute my holiday cards were this year? I loved them more than I’ve ever loved Christmas cards, and guess what? Minted, the company that made them, is offering a giveaway for one of you. $50 worth of Valentine Cards for you to hand out as you please to the ones you love. I’m having a hard time deciding which ones are my favorite, what do you think? Are you stuck on the *I Like You* one?…
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got diapers?

Once upon a time diaper was a diaper was a diaper, all pretty much about the same. Anymore, it seems, the competition is fierce, and the latest innovation is calld Dry Max, by Pampers. You know them because they also make those great swaddling diapers for newborns to ease all that umbilical cord drama. So these new Dry Max dipes are thinner than other diapers and made with less materials and less packaging. Nice. Also nice, the pricing is the…
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Petit Elefant talks fashion: NBC Studio 5 fashion segment.

[youtube=] I was on Studio 5 again yesterday, talking about how to dress warmly while still being cute in the Winter. I was way more comfortable this time around, and didn’t flail my arms around quite as much. I still said *fun* a lot, but I guess I must say it a lot in regular conversation. You can’t win them all. Go to the Studio 5 website for the full article on what to wear right now. At least if…
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mom 2.0

[youtube=] Have you seen this video from the peeps at Mom 2.0? It didn’t make me cry. Much. Cannot wait to head to Houston for this conference, {where I’m speaking, squeeeeeee} next month. If you aren’t signed up yet, you really need to get on that.

handmade valentine cards.

I decided the other night, when I saw the dismal array of Valentines at the store, we were going to make our own this year. Both Charming and Precocious were totally on board and let me boss them around with the details. I decided the best route would be to use my fabulous Cricut machine to do the dirty work for me, leaving me only to assemble and glue the pieces together. I kind of love the result. I cut…
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beautiful perfumes.

A few weeks ago my good friend Carina casually gave me a bottle of this Banana Republic perfume, Alabaster. I spent the night sniffing the bottle every few minutes just to make sure it still smelled as delicious as it had the first time I took a whiff. It did. It does. It’s delightful. And look at how pretty the bottle is, just lying willy nilly on its side. Mmmmmmmmmm. This is my current perfume of choice, Vera Wang Princess….
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travel seat for babies.

It’s been a while since I’ve traveled with babies, but I well remember the hassle of hanging out in a restaurant that didn’t have a high chair. It can be kind of a headache, no? Snazzy Baby Travel Chair $34.99 Check out this super compact travel chair you can throw into the diaper bag, carry on, or even your purse {if you travel with life sized purses like myself} and carry with you into the restaurant for your own ensured…
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valentine gifts for kids.

Back when I was a good mom, I used to get gifts for my kids on Valentine’s Day. I’m a mean mom these days and I usually only spring for chocolates and a card for my kiddos come V-Day. I have some great ideas for gifts that will make your kids go wild on Valentine’s Day. Seriously, they’ll love you forever. Unlike mine who will be in therapy for lack of toys when they get older. Zebra Shooter$26.95via Marshmallowville I…
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