Month: October 2009

cozy cuteness

I’m wishing I even had the first inkling of knowing how to knit (crochet? do I even know the difference?) after admiring these colorful cozy accessories. Sadly, I’ve never picked up a needle (hook? which is it?) it’s featured on a little girl, but I would totally wear this hat every day, all winter long. really, could keeping warm get any cuter than this? found via the Purl Bee anybody wanna make me one? or all? var gaJsHost = (("https:"…
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count of monte cristo sandwich recipe.

photo from food network Ok, so not exactly a feast, and not a clever assortment of gory concoctions, but this is the meal we frequently enjoy on Halloween. It’s not exactly super healthy, but it’s wholesome, simple, savory, and as festive as you’d like to make it. I don’t believe in cutting calories on holidays. Count of Monte Cristo Sandwiches 8 slices good quality white bread dijon mustard 3 ounces sliced swiss cheese 3 ounces sliced sharp cheddar 6 ounces…
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shade clothing.

Can you believe it’s been five years since Shade Clothing opened its doors? Neither can I. What did I do before all those cap sleeved, extra long tees filled my closet? I’m not sure. They kind of rule the roost around here, I must have at least 15-20 {no lie}. Here’s a look at what’s hot at Shade right now, and some peeks back at me wearing Shade over the last few years. Remember my Mom 2.0 Summit Wardrobe Crisis?…
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Make a mummy costume for kids

cheap mummy costume

Mummy Halloween Costume: + = Just for the record, next time I might splurge and spend a couple of dollars on toilet paper instead of the .79 cent super save you see above. And there’s a fatal flaw in the preschool mummy costume: your kid can’t go to the bathroom while wearing it. The TP sure comes in handy when said kid breaks down halfway through preschool and runs for the john. Just warning all you would be mummy makers…
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how to: make caramel apples.

You can’t have Halloween without caramel apples, it’s unconstitutional. And they’re easier, way easier, to make than they look. Here’s what you need to get started: Apples Caramels Popsicle Sticks Milk We made 10 caramel apples with the amount of caramel you see in the photo above {4 cups, or 2 lbs.}. It was a lot of caramel too, they were big apples. Step 1: Unwrap caramel and place in a double boiler pan on the stove-top. It’s possible to…
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Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

If you’re looking for a Halloween flick that’s not super scary, we are rather fond of this oldie, narrated by Bing Crosby–one of my favorite old-school crooners. It’s animated, it’s short, and a great introduction to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as written by Washington Irving. Note: The book is a great read this time of year, for older kids and grown ups. On the same disc is The Adventures of Mr. Toad, of Wind in the Willows fame. My…
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need a costume?

a snappy looking bull’s eye a few from family fun that you could probably whip up in an afternoon. very clever. more ideas here. this garden gnome makes me laugh every time I look at it. a rockin’ mp3 player complete with headphones

decorate your pumpkin with paper.

My kids have been chomping at the bit {pardon the cowboy expression, I’m feeling ranch-ish today} to carve our pumpkins. We don’t usually do it until the night before Halloween because of tradition, and pumpkin shrinkage if we do it any earlier. My solution this year? Magazine pumpkin faces. Cut eyes, ears, mouths, & noses from magazines and pin them onto your pumpkins. My kids loved this and it gave me a few days of reprieve before the pumpkin cutting…
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dylbug 3-pack of onesies giveaway!

It’s time for a giveaway for your babes. I love Dylbug and the adorable and hip onesie designs. How about a 3-pack of the Retro Riders for the little one in your house? And while you’re checking out Dylbug, look at their sweet Breast Cancer Awareness tees for toddlers. A portion of the proceeds for the Love Tees will go to the Young Survivors Coalition. Awesome. Giveaway Details: To enter the Little Giraffe giveaway leave a comment on this post….
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