Month: September 2009

recipe for yummy chocolate chip & craisin cookies.

Here are the ingredients for my special Chocolate Chip & Craisin Cookies. One of these things is not like the other; remember that from Sesame Street? One of these things helps mommy get through the hour of baking cookies after a really, really long flight home from NYC. Here’s what goes in, minus the Diet Dr. Pepper. That’s all for me thanks. Chocolate Chip Craisin Cookies {makes about 2 dozen} 3/4 C white sugar 3/4 C packed brown sugar 1…
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dillon rogers giveaway {$125}.

UPDATED: You do NOT have to get the personalized jewelry if you win. You will have $125 to spend on whatever your heart desires, the initial pendants are merely an example. Dillon Rogers was one of the lovely companies with swag in the SocialLuxe VIP swag bags. Their personalized jewelry is swoon-worthy. initial pendant charm$38{via Dillon Rogers} Not all of you had the chance to come get primped at the SocialLuxe Lounge, but you all deserve to be treated like…
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what to do in new york city.

new york city weekend

I’m back and I’m exhausted. I had such a great time in New York though, and I have such fun things to share. I didn’t do much touristy stuff {no Statue of Liberty trip, no Broadway show} but I saw everything I wanted to see, ate everything I wanted to eat {and then some}, and generally spent way too much money at NYC thrift stores. I thought I’d compose a list of my personal favorite Top 10 list of things…
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safe jewelry for kids.

Goodness my baby is orally fixated. Happiest when chewing, sucking, gnawing. On anything his little hands can reach. He’s especially fond of teething rings but I hate to carry them in my tote because, well, who knows what lurks in the depths of the diaper bag? So what’s a mommy to do at the post office/restaurant/doctor/church/grocery store with a fussy, teething babe/ Roundhouse Design Collaborative, the creators of the oh, plah! bracelet (guess what, they are moms) wondered the same…
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home at last.

I love traveling more than I love a lot of things-chocolate included-which is really saying something. But what I love more than travel, more than several days in a row partying it up in New York City, is coming home to this: Being a wife and mother are my two favorite things, I’m not even lying.

Sleep Training

So several weeks ago, or maybe even a month ago, we put Little O on a sleep schedule for the first time. There of course are different schools of thought on how and what to do about your baby’s sleep. Ultimately, we decided that a schedule was in order because O was up with us until midnight (and often later) every night. Then he’d wake up between 8:30 and 10:30. During the day, he was unpredictable. Maybe he’d take a…
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update from new york city.

I’m hanging in New York City today. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t live here. Cold Diet Dr. Pepper on every corner, girls handing out Maybelline mascara by the bucket in Times Square… wait. WHAT? I was in a cab yesterday, headed to the Upper East Side with my cabbie talking a mile a minute about Kadafi’s U.N. debut when we passed by Times Square, where I saw a human mascara walking around. Hordes of girls followed the mascara costume…
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mommy school

My first baby recently turned 3. I just shed a little tear. Many of the other toddlers in our neighborhood are attending pre-school this year but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Three seems so little and tender still, but he needed something. I came up with a solution, totally off the cuff, and called it “Mommy School.” I know it’s a lame name, but I was under pressure and now it’s stuck. Here’s how it works: once baby goes…
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e.l.f. makeup party.

I hosted an e.l.f. makeup party for some of my nearest and dearest over the weekend. Oh, the good times we had. Mix together some cupcakes from Cupcake Chic {to die for}, flavored sparkling water {oh my!}, strawberries, a whole lot of makeup, & some of my best friends. Good, good times. I broke it up into several stations: eyes, lips, face {get it, get it?}, nails, and eyebrows. It’s imperative to have an eyebrow station if you’re doing makeup;…
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