Month: August 2009

for the love of nie nie.

I love Stephanie, I really do. Last week I had the chance to spend an afternoon with Stephanie, Rachael, Jyl, and Marie at Stephanie’s home in Utah. She won a BlogLuxe award from the SocialLuxe Lounge for *most inspirational* and wasn’t able to travel to Chicago to accept it, so we brought it to her. What’s killing me is that we didn’t have a winner swag bag to present along with the award. Stephanie’s not really all that materialistic, but…
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Okay, Seriously This Time

So Mike and I would like to work on instituting a healthy lifestyle in our home. No, I don’t want to say diet, because that’s a dirty word, and it also I think doesn’t help much. I don’t need a “diet.” I need to change my whole lifestyle. For good. It’s funny. When I had gestational diabetes, it wasn’t hard to follow my meal plans. And I’m telling you—it was restrictive! Try limiting yourself to 45 carbs at dinner during…
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giveaway winners: stella & dot, crayola, & cherish bound.

And the winners are: Stella & Dot: Whimsical CreationsCrayola: TaraCherish Bound: $100: Stacia $75: Stacey $50: Motherboard {If you didn’t win one of the three gift cards to Cherish Bound but are still interested in making a book, email me for a 10% off coupon} Congratulations! Get in touch asap with

children’s bathroom remodel.

Shortly after C was born we gutted the second bathroom upstairs. We needed to renovate, bring the bathroom into the 21st century. A little more functional. In fact we just wanted function, period. You realize C just turned 5. FIVE. This bathroom has been a sore spot in our lives for several years, and finally, finally, FINALLY it is almost done. Victor is pretty handy with a tile saw, I’ll give him that. In fact, I can’t really think of…
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I’m a believer

Here’s the ugly truth: about 3 months after I gave birth to each of my babies, my hair fell out. Alot of it. Every day. Catching up for the natural shedding that slowed way down during pregnancy I suppose. I didn’t go bald, or course, but the warp-speed shedding did make my hair situation more problematic than usual. And then it starts to grow back at warp speed. But that’s another problem for another day. I’d heard rumors that bumble…
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blogher 2009, chicago i love you.

I’ve been sitting on this BlogHer post for several weeks because it’s taken me that much time to wrap my head around it. I’m still sifting and mulling in my brain, but it’s time to show you some photos. Of course at first there was the SocialLuxe kick-off party, which was fabulous. Worth the last 5 months of my life I spent working on it. When SocialLuxe was finished I was off to the races! This was my first time…
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room for a growing little boy

We bought our new home 2 years ago. It’s cozy (small-ish by western US standards), and we spent the first year here finishing the basement. I never knew choosing paint could be so traumatic. The major work is done, now it’s time for prettying things up outside and in, like with our toddler’s room. I was aiming for comfortable, cheerful, boyish, but not babyish or too grown up. On a very very snug budget. I’m pleased with it so far,…
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and now you are five.

” A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five” *Groucho Marx* It was tricky getting you here baby C. It took nearly all I had, all you had, to get us both back. I’m so glad we made it. I love you more than words. You’re my moon, my sun, my stars. My light in the dark. Your sweetness is insatiable, your kindness and love contagious. Please be my baby until the stars…
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{suave} back-to-school giveaway for MOM.

I always feel a little bit justified in buying myself some back-to-school supplies. Moms need a little something to get through the school year too, right? Suave is generously giving away a basket filled to the brim with hair products for one of you. $50 worth. You won’t have to shop for hair products all year. This stuff is fantastic. I’ve been a Suave fan for years, {it’s inexpensive!} and I’m loving their new {to me} hair products. I was…
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