Month: March 2009

recycling 101.

I think there’s an assumption out there that if you aren’t a hippie, or a total green-living fanatic, that you can’t recycle *some* of your household waste. Maybe it’s a misconception on my part, but I’ve felt a little bit separated from the whole green movement because I’m not able to live 100% green. My city is kind of in the dark ages when it comes to recycling. If I want to recycle it has to be completely on my…
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dylbug farm 3-pack onesies giveaway!

Remember Mingo Design? Now it’s Dylbug. Different name = same great stuff + lower prices. Hooray! How about a giveaway of a pack of the cutest little farm onesies you’ve ever seen? Choose from the boy or girl bundle. Each bundle comes with 3 different sizes of short sleeve onesies: 3-6 mo., 6-9 mo., & 9-12 mo. Love the idea! Your little doesn’t have to grow out of their favorite onesies for a whole year. See giveaway details below. Boy…
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magnetic photo rope.

There are some pretty clever ways to hang your photos these days, but the magnetic photo rope from photojojo? the coolest by far. The possibilities are endless. I’m thinking it would be a perfect way to feature rotating works of art from the kinders, lovely notes, and happy vacation photos. It’s the perfect solution to living in a rental abode as well, you only have to put a tiny pushpin in the wall to display several photos. Magnetic Photo Rope$12…
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Why We Fight

UPDATE:  I got Tom Hanks and Saving Private Ryan all knotted up with Damian Lewis (Dick Winters).  Sorry about that; Mea Culpa.  Tom Hanks produced this series along with Steven Spielberg.   Next up, I’ll tell you all about my man-crush on 2008 Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm and his role as Don Draper in Mad Men.  I will then proceed to tie it in somehow to parenting and/or traveling.  -Viktor If you have ever watched the HBO mini series Band of Brothers, episode number…
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co-editor kimberly welcomes baby boy #2.

It’s raining babies around here. First Alma, and then just last Thursday, Kimberly gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He’s healthy, she’s happy, life is good. Won’t you help me shower Kimberly with a very hearty congratulations? There are few things in life better than a newborn babe.

Smart, Decorative Storage

Okay, so here’s another thing I’ve picked up on as a brand new mom. There’s some more stuff that I have to store now, and have handy. Like diapers and changing supplies. Before the baby came along, I just imagined that every time I would change his diaper, I’d be taking him into his nursery to that perfect changing station that I’d already set up. As it turns out, that’s not so much a reality. Right now, little O sleeps…
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