Month: March 2009

weekly fitness tip: schedule your workout.

I’m feeling the March doldrums. I know they’re supposed to be reserved for January, but I’m feeling them right now. In the middle of a nasty day in March. I personally think March should be eliminated from the calendar entirely, but that’s neither here nor there. What is here, and there, is my Thursday Fit Tip which is: schedule fitness into your day I have a girlfriend who is an exercise guru. I mean, she could teach the class. She…
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snow boots for women.

Kaska $179.95 {via Sorel} Am I the only one who thought Sorel boots were beyond help? That the only reason one would ever wear them was out of sheer frozen-toe desperation? I had no idea they were so stylish now. I mean, flat out cute. The kind of cute that makes you wish you lived in Utah in March. Well, let’s not get carried away now, Utah in March is pretty Grey and snowy and I don’t want to wish…
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vampire bottle labels.

twilight party

You know the fabulous blog by Hostess with the Mostess? I’m completely in love with her site, and she just posted the coolest idea. For your Twilight party. Come on, admit it, you’re having a Twilight release party. Jenn whipped up some clever bottle labels you can swap out for any other red colored drinks you like. Ha, ha, ha. I love it! Download the labels here. Thanks Jenn, brilliant as always. {via Hostess with the Mostess}.

Wear Palettes

There is so much fun to be had at Wear Palettes. Have you ever had an outfit, the colors in which you could envision a pretty room? My daughter, in particular, has had several dresses which would have made lovely bedrooms (or drapes or couches). Browse by color at Wear Palettes and see what you can find. via BeachBungalow8 Also fun: Sherwin Williams’ Color of Inspiration feature. ***leslie

beautiful crib bumpers.

To bumper or not to bumper? It’s a matter of some decision making when putting together a nursery and crib ensemble. I happen to be a fan of the bumper, but it’s so hard to find them without the hazards or over-poofiness, garish embellishments, or long strings for attaching to the crib. Praises to Bumpaire for their development of a safer, better looking crib bumper. Really, if ultra-luxurious baby bedding gives you palpitations, you must investigate Bumpaire. In their words:…
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eat at the blue lemon bistro.

One of the perks of blogging {no, not the explaining to everyone I know what I do and getting blank stares in return} is getting invited to cool stuff. I feel like actual press. And guess what, actual press? life’s a little more cozy where they live. Backstage passes, premieres, restaurant openings. You know, business as usual. Last week I was invited to have dinner with some other Utah bloggers {read: actual press} at a new Utah restaurant called Blue…
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print* pattern* paper* giveaway winner!

I am officially back. Sort of. But I didn’t forget that today was the day for winners {of the print* pattern* paper variety}. says, it’s Mrs. r: so pretty i want to lick them all. Mrs. R, you won. Get me your details so you can lick away! Thanks so much to Rebecca from Print* Pattern* Paper* for the lovely, lickable giveaway. Remember if you didn’t win don’t worry, just go sign up for Rebecca’s newsletter and you can…
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Eden’s Bouquet

I couldn’t resist sharing this dress/baby with you. (I spotted it on Coveiter.) This custom Christening gown is made from vintage wedding dresses by a family-owned business, Eden’s Bouquet. Their description is just delicious in fabric language: “Creamy dupioni silk trimmed with embroidered lace. Swiss pima batiste underskirt with three ruffles. Silk sash & Vintage one of a kind flower pin. Button closure.” Tell me it’s not the most beautiful baby dress ever! ***leslie var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ?…
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Jillian Phillips

I’m loving the work of UK artist and graphic designer, Jillian Phillips. She has a line of greeting cards debuting soon, and some lovely prints, too. See more here, and her blog, here. ***leslie