Year: 2008

momAgenda giveaway!

I must be reveling in the post-Valentine love because it’s time for another giveaway! Today’s giveaway is from momAgenda; this planner was created for moms by a mom, so you can rest assured it has everything you need. {I posted about the specifics of this fabulous planner here.} You can win this desk calendar if you follow the instructions below {this giveaway is valued at $40}. Day Planner for Moms. {via MomAgenda.} To enter:1. Leave a comment detailing why you…
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book pick: twilight saga.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m going to share my romantic book pick. For those of you who have yet to be initiated into the vampiring world of Stephenie Meyer, allow me. Let me throw a disclaimer out there before I start this book {series} review: I am not a fan of fantasy or vampires. I don’t like the X-Men or Batman movies {boo, hiss I know} and I have never been a Marvel comic book reader. But you don’t…
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tree by kerri lee.

A little while ago my son C decided to drink his entire bottle of antibiotics and was hospitalized overnight. After a long charcoal and I.V. filled day in the Emergency Room, C was deemed sick enough to spend the night at the hospital. My parents came and did a little pinch hitting for me so I could catch a break and go get a bite to eat in the hospital cafeteria. Instead of eating, I did the logical thing any…
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pure & honest giveaway winner……

The winner of the diaper bag giveaway from Pure & Honest Kids {valued at $60} is… Jenny, who said: I LOVE this bag! It is so cute and fun. In my bag now are: 5 diapers wipes changing pads outfit hat socks linking rings 2 bottles 2 bibs burp cloth I have a 3 month old and I am still in the stage of taking so much stuff with me. This bag loooks like the perfect size!

kangaroom storage.

This company is a dream come true for those of us who wish we lived in a Real Simple magazine. KangaRoom Storage has thought of every possible organization solution for all the rooms in your house. I’m especially loving the sturdy multi-purpose wire baskets. The pockets on each end can hold any number of miscellaneous things; if you are a night time reader for example {and have this basket by your bedside to hold your plethora of reading material} the…
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leather cuff bracelet with photos.

Soho1. $17. {via SMOY} Does anyone need any non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas? I have several great ones in mind, but a photo cuff from SMOY is inching toward the top of my list. What a great way to display cute photos of your Valentine.

wallcandy arts.

chalkboard tree. $56.{via wallcandy arts} Wallcandy Arts is another ingenious company offering artistic re-positionable wall decorations that won’t permanently affect the walls. The chalkboard tree above is actually a chalkboard {with 13 little chalkboard birds} on which little notes and doodles can be written. So neat. Each wallcandy arts kit comes with several pieces which can be rearranged at a moments notice; so when your teen aged budding Monet gets bored he can make a mural on the ceiling.


A9 Compact. $34.99{via Automoblox} Do you all know about Automoblox? Their toy cars have got to be the coolest my 3-year-old has ever tried to destroy. But he can’t destroy this car because it’s meant to come apart into a million interchangeable pieces! How cool is that? The little passengers not only come out, but they each have a shape on the bottom so your little one can learn shapes while he’s {or she’s} pulling the car apart. You can…
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color survey.

Help out this grad student {and my dear brother} who is writing his graduate dissertation by completing his cool color survey found here. Thank you.

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