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vintage halloween photos.

Happy Halloween Folks!
Thanks so much for having me here to chat about parties this week.
I love Allison and her space- isn’t it wonderful here?!

I wanted to leave you with some amazing and cool photographs of vintage Halloween days!
I also wanted to give a shout out to PJ’s Talking & Paige for the great tips they gave us in the back to basics post!

There is so much on the web to swoon and drool over and sometimes it feels like we cannot capture it all and make it our own when it comes to entertaining and our wee ones.
SO-a good idea is to keep a little notebook with ideas sketched out by age of yr kiddos. Write things down under age sections and you will have it there to come back to later and we all know that later comes faster than we ever think it will!
I keep my dream book of things I want to do, parties I want to throw, and ideas for all things kid related. It sounds like something else to do…but it really works and helps with the stimulation overload I experience when blog reading! I want to >> find out more...


holiday gift ideas for the whole family.

The holidays are here folks, is your goody box stocked?

I know we all try and get to our major shopping lists and think about who we are going to buy for, but one thing that can be quite stressful is the small hostess gifts and trinkets that we like to have on hand.

My mother had a large drawer full of hostess gifts and pressies growing up. She loved to be able to pull out a quick gift for a child or a party and it is something that I have started as an adult and continued as a parent who now attends lots of kiddo’s birthday parties!
Here are some holiday gifts ideas to have on hand for those quick grabs as you rush out the door!

*paper suitcases from Pink loves Brown! (who wouldn’t love these?)

*Small trinket bowls from Palomasnest!
(how wee adorable?)

*Green Kootsac produce bags! (save the earth!)

*Table Topic Napkines (What a cool gift for dinner party!)

*Blissfulimages prints (how gorgeous!)

*Cool Design yr own t-shirt from Skreened ( ethically responsible shop!)

I also love candles, soaps, and gift cards to local ice cream shops!

But, I cannot lie. I love the handmade >> find out more...


Tunes for your party

[photo via martha]

Hauntingly bedecked house? Check. Fabulous costume? Check. Tempting menu? Wickedly clever invitations sent? Check. All you need now is some great party music to send your Halloween soiree over the top, whether for grown ups, kiddos or both. Some potential additions to your playlist:

Superstition, Stevie Wonder
Thriller, Michael Jackson
Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon
Somebody’s Watchin Me, Rockwell
Dead Man’s Party, Oingo Boingo
I Put a Spell on You, Screamin Jay Hawkins
Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra or Sarah Vaughan
Witchcraft, Elvis Presley 
That Old Black Magic, Ella Fitzgerald
Spooky, The Classics IV
Ghostbusters, Ray Parker, Jr. 
and of course, The Monster Mash, Bobby Picket
Visit to sample any of these if they are unfamiliar to you. 
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Kimberly day, making a home where the buffalo roam. By night, pretty much the same thing, punctuated by the occasional fantasies of sunny beaches, italian movies and sparkling lemonade.

Back to basics Halloween Fun for kiddos

I want to throw an amazing Halloween party next year! I am waiting till my youngest is two and will be into it a bit more, but I want it to be traditional and old school!

I love going to parties and I appreciate all the effort that parents put into making things just so, but sometimes I like a party where there is an old galvanized tub full of apples and the kids can dunk their heads and be very unsanitary and have a blast! Right!? I want to throw one like that. Here are some cool ideas for a traditional Halloween party!

*Pumpkin seed spitting contest – Cut the top off a pumpkin and hve kids race to see who can “gut” it first. Remove seeds. Give kids five seeds and see how many seeds they can spit into the pumpkin in a line!

*Bob for apples/Apples tied from trees

*Costume Contest and parade

*Haunted House/Shed/Room

*Haunted graham cracker houses and design yr own cupcakes?

* Here are some old fashioned ideas from Martha Stewart!

Do you guys have any ideas for great Halloween party games/prizes/activities? I will post all of them on my last day guest blogging! … >> find out more...


Seasonal decor, simplified

Pumpkins make me happy. All shapes, sizes and hues. That said, I don’t decorate just for Halloween, but for the entire autumnal season.  Unfortunately, I’m a gal of limited skill in the craftiness department. Therefore, with a smattering of pumpkins and some ribbon, I’m all set October through Thanksgiving. 

Perfect for a mantle, centerpiece or entry table. Mine happen to reside across my piano. For a bit of glamour, try coating  your pumpkins with a gold or silver metallic spray-paint before adding the ribbon. Looks gorgeous indoors or out. 
Since these are not carved (oh don’t fret, I always have a carved one on the front porch) they last awhile, especially outdoors in cooler climes. In years past I’ve used black ribbon which looks great, but so would a lovely shade of burgundy or green. This year I opted for chocolate brown and I’m really liking it. Makes a festive little gift, place holder or party favor of those irresistible mini pumpkins. 
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Kimberly day, making a home where the buffalo roam. By night, pretty much the same thing, punctuated by the occasional fantasies of sunny beaches, italian movies and sparkling lemonade.

Carnival Birthday Party

My cousin Erin had her daughter Willow’s fifth birthday party over the weekend. She threw Willow a Carnival Party and I thought I would share the adorable party with you! It is a good theme for boys or girls and can be done extravagant or very frugal. It was great for outdoors but could be staged inside too.
It all started with an invitation that held the fabulous old school tickets for the carnival! My son loved holding the tickets and being so excited to use them for the birthday carnival games!

The party had carnival games like ring toss, football throw, races, and putt putt golf!
The carnival food was yummy kiddo favorites like mac&cheese;, grilled hotdogs, punch, and sweet treats like candy that looked like mini burgers! So cute! (vanilla wafers, peppermint patties- who knew?)

There was a face painting booth, cupcake decorating booth, photo backdrop area, pinatas, Barbie cakes, treasure chest to turn tickets in for prizes, and perhaps the most extravagant and perfect part…A giant helium tank and giant bag of balloons!
Is there anything sweeter than little kids and balloons?
Seriously, the balloons made everyone smile!

Happy Birthday Willow!

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Sweet Ideas!

OK. I love Sweet Paul. Do you? If you don’t read his blog- get thee over there now.
He always has swoon worthy photos and ideas form his life as a fabulous food and interior stylist.
I love the recent holiday party he styled for a magazine. He said he wanted to do something fun and kiddy!
I love this. So simple and so perfect. The photos are by Colin Cooke.
This sweet partyscape could be for a birthday or a holiday party! Do you just love it?

I would have a party like this and have the invites come from this studio!
(if we are talking about perfect things!!!)
I just love her too!

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Halloween Party for the Big Kids!

Halloween is this week and I found these amazing photographs over at
Country Living that were shot by Ryan Benyi – a photographer that I have had the honor of meeting as he is BFF with a good friend of mine. His photographs make me swoon! I love the way this party is set up and would be really easy to recreate in a wooded area or a backyard. I like the idea of having a Halloween party for the adults too! A great idea is to have a kiddo party in the house first and then invite the adults back later for a backyard fete like this. Halloween parties for adults can be thrilling as it brings back the whimsy and fun with dressing up! I love to dress up for Halloween and feel like it is one of the best days of the year for adults too!

Simple Halloween Party Menu:
Cornish hens
butternut squash soup in a gourd or pumpkin
green salads
large batards of French bread

and Vampire Wine!

And what adult would not love trays of candy apples for dessert?

Here is a simple recipe for butternut squash soup.
Simple and delicious.

And what >> find out more...


amy sharp.

I’m really excited about this week because

#1: I’m in a hotel in Huntington Beach, California with my family for a little R&R;, which means I’m spending lots of time at the ocean with my babies, which means I’m all sorts of happy right now.

#2: When we head back home we’re driving through Vegas and we get to take the kids to F.A.O. Shwarz for the first time, and I can’t wait to see their faces as we walk through the store.


#3: Amy Sharp is guest blogging this week. Hooray!

Amy Sharp is a mama to two sweet boys and wife to a handsome guy named Joe. She lives in the great state of Ohio {go Buckeyes!}is a blogger at doobleh-vay, has an {adorable!} Etsy shop called Little Alouette, {which she blogs about here} and is an editor for Kirtsy and Blognosh in addition to writing a novel. Whew!

I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this week, so stay tuned.

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