Month: July 2008


I’ve wanted to post about NICOLE carman PHOTOGRAPHY for a long time but shelved it because she’s local. I can’t take it anymore, I have to share her with the rest of you. She’s that great. And, she’ll fly to your desired location {for a fee, of course} to do your shots. What more can you ask? Nicole is really artistic with a great eye for detail. She’s got the uncanny ability to capture snappy photojournalist shots, portraits, and amazing…
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No-Go Days

Play dates, movies, swim lessons, family reunions, camping trips, little league, vacations, barbecues, whew! Sometimes the lazy days of summer aren’t.  Hectic days, hectic weeks can take a toll on toddlers.  As a result, I’ve instituted what I call No-Go Days.  On these days we don’t go anywhere, but rather enjoy special activities at home and in the yard. My little M, seems to be a happier, more mellow kid after a No-Go Day.   I love the following  activities because…
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maternity shirts.

Peek-a-Boo Tee. $44. {via 2 Chix}. Maternity clothes have come a loooong way since I was pregnant with P 9 years ago. I was resigned to wearing things like flowered print blousy tops and leggings {eek!} throughout my pregnancy. And with C I wore nothing but a hospital gown and an I.V. pole, so that doesn’t count. 2 Chix Maternity has some pretty cute {figure flattering} tops to choose from for your 40 weeks of misery {bliss, I mean bliss}….
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Review: Old Navy Maternity Online

Last week when I posted about maternity clothes, a commenter recommended shopping Old Navy Maternity online. So I spent a bit of time on the Old Navy website and found some things that I thought looked worth trying out. They have free shipping on returns, after all. And even better, right now I’m still not huge, but I will be much larger in the fall and winter, and Old Navy Maternity had a lot of long-sleeved clothing on sale. In…
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co-editors alma & kimberly.

Alma Loveland is a freelance graphic designer based in Springville, Utah. She and her husband Mike are expecting their first baby right in the middle of Holiday Season 2008. Her house, though never immaculate, sometimes approaches an acceptable level of cleanliness. More often than not, however, there are traces of a DIY project that she is working on or an art project that her husband is in the middle of and dishes in the kitchen sink. Her best motivator for…
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book pick: when you are engulfed in flames.

To say I love David Sedaris is putting it mildly. The man is a wildly talented writer and storyteller. Not only has he written several books he’s a regular contributor to This American Life, one of my absolute favorite shows on N.P.R. There have been times listening to him where I’ve literally had to pull the car to the side of the road so as not to endanger the lives of my children. He’s that funny. When You Are Engulfed…
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lil’ rinser.

Lil’ Rinser Shampoo Shield.$9.99 Check out this clever little bath aid by Lil’ Rinser. It’s an updated version of the juice pitcher used by my mother when I was a child. Pop it on the head of your little one after you shampoo so the suds don’t run in their eyes and make both of you cry. Clever, clever.

book pick: jamberry.

One of our favorite books is Jamberry by Bruce Degan. C wants to crawl into the pages of the book and live there forever. Berries as far as the eye can see. It’s an absolute classic children’s book and if you haven’t read it, go check it out from the library right now. Simple, sweet, great illustrations. $7.99 Jamberry. by: Bruce Degen {via}. And speaking of Jamberry, I’m up to my neck in strawberry jam right now. Harvesting for…
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summer love.

I absolutely love this shot. Makes me want to dive right in and go for a swim. Via Black*Eiffel & Flickr.