Month: March 2008

nui water.

If you’re like me you’ll drink diet coke in front of your kids but forbid them from ever having a sip because of the aspartame/ caffeine/ carbonation. I’m not a big fan of a lot of juice boxes marketed to kids either because the #1 ingredient is almost always sugar, {and heaven knows P gets more than enough of that at school}. What’s the solution for kids who are thirsty for something other than plain old H2O, especially as the…
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organized home.

One of the things I love so much about Spring is a fresh start of cleaning and organizing, {well not so much the cleaning part, but definitely the organizing}. I love purging all the odds and ends acquired over the Fall & Winter and getting ready for Summertime garage sales. I’ve been cleaning out the house one closet and room at a time, squirreling all the superfluous goods found into a small corner of the garage. And when the time…
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handmade craft aprons for kids.

These ultra cute aprons have been a lifesaver for me & at only $12 it’s worth snatching up a few {these are GREAT gifts for showers, birthdays, and Christmas}. I’ve used mine for mealtime, playtime, and messy craft projects. Each apron is custom made, so you can choose from a selection of absolutely darling fabrics for your child. They’re 100% cotton so you can throw the aprons in the wash as often as you need to. Think of all the…
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moonchild designs.

20 for $40.{via Moonchild Designs}. Look at these darling announcements from Moonchild Designs out of Australia. They also sell note cards, invitations, and moving announcements. I love the simple design. Moving House. {Chocolate}.20/$40.

shoe wheel.

Look what I found via the lovely blog Coveiter. It’s a shoe wheel! Not only does it look like a piece of art, it can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes. This could seriously save me some marital strife over closet space in my house. Nicely done. Shoe Wheel.via Rakku Designs.{in white/silver/black/pink}.$65.

loveland miscellany giveaway.

It’s about time for another giveaway don’t you think? This one comes to us from LOVELAND miscellany, a fabulous new shop on etsy featuring wonderful things made by the super talented husband and wife team Mike & Alma Loveland. The shop is definitely worth checking out. And because I love you all, I’m giving away a sampling of the shop including: a matted & framed print of ‘Paris Apartments‘&a felt owl toy &a felt flower brooch {so cute!} Lucky, lucky…
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I’ve been lurking around this blog for a while now. I actually get some really good ideas about current fashion trends from watching celebrities {of course I always tone it down about ten notches, price & bling wise both}. Frugal-Fashionista features regular updates of inexpensive alternatives to celebrity couture. It’s a fun bookmark; lust away. {Images via Frugal-Fashionista}.

cute tween clothing for your daughter.

As a mother of an official “tween” I find it very hard to find clothing for my 8-year-old P. I feel like my options are either Gymboree {which I love, but has officially been declared too “babyish”} or clothing along the lines of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. I’m not too thrilled with dressing P like a miniature teenager and have been desperately trying to find a happy medium. You’d think with all the “tweens” running around there would be…
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tree by kerri lee giveaway winner.

I’m back from my Easter weekend vacation with my little family. I hope everyone had a fun, candy-laden weekend as well. I have all sorts of fun things to share with you, but first it’s time to announce the winner of the tree by kerri lee giveaway. The winner is…Someone being me. Congratulations! I loved sharing Kerri Lee’s creations with you, they’re so adorable for wee little nurseries. Thanks everyone for entering, and a big thank you to tree by…
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