holiday gift guide for little boys.

1. Finn Shoes by Eleven $50

Eleven shoes continue to delight in my house as even the outdoorsy, non-stop battling, scuffing Charming can’t seem to wear them out. They’re stylish and worth every extra penny for the endurance. If Charming can’t wear them out, no one can.

2. Kideko Monster Pajamas $34.95

Kideko, an Australian children’s company came onto my radar last year and I haven’t been able to get these pajamas out of my head since. Could these monster pajamas be any more suitable for a little boy on Christmas Eve? I think not.

3. Polarn O. Pyret Jeans $46

This Swedish company continues to delight me with their children’s clothing for both boys and girls. Reminiscent of Hannah Anderson but more diverse, I am drawn to everything in their product line. These jeans on a little boy? Oh my heavens.

4. Lands’ End Hoodie $34.50

I think this hoodie would round out a winter outfit nicely wouldn’t it? The plaid is stylish while the zip and hood are practical. And because it’s Lands’ End it will definitely be warm and sturdy, the perfect one-two punch for beating the snow.
Some of these products have already been tried-and-true field tested by my very own Charming.

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  1. KJ :

    I'm kinda sweet on those shoes and that hoodie! adn we all know of my pajama fettish.

  2. Petit Elefant :


    I wish these came in MY sizes! Those PJs? Are you kidding me?


    the amazing thing about them is that even though they look super fancy, they're tough as nails. thank heaven for that.


    isn't the hoodie adorable? looks like it could last through a couple of boys too!


    A certain someone named M might love one! ;)

  3. b. :

    Thank You so very much!

    Oldest is getting some much needed new clothes for Christmas…do these come in man sizes?