12 days of Christmas blog giveaway.

So I promised you all something good would be coming, and I won’t disappoint. A couple of things are going on here, all at once. First of all, Petit Elefant is about to have a birthday {one year!} and that’s definitely worthy of a celebration. Secondly, there are only TWELVE days until Christmas {!} and I want to help make all your Christmas wishes come true.

Birthday+Christmas= Giveawaypalooza 2008.

I have well over 12 giveaways so I’m just going to list them a few at a time every day until they’re all gone. Because the giveaways are going to go until Christmas Eve, you won’t necessarily get the goods in time for Christmas, but frankly, those are my favorite kind of presents to get. The ones that come after the holiday. Isn’t it fun to get a present once all the mistletoe or balloons are put away? I think so.

Now, without further adieu, let’s get this party started.

How about a microwave? No, really I’m not joking. I personally could use a new microwave as my current one is from 1987 {not kidding} and it sings to me while I warm up my food. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. I’m giving away a GE Model microwave {insert appropriate 30 Rock jokes here} and 3 Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce packages. What does this have to do with Christmas you say? Nothing, nothing at all. Except that one of you is about to win a microwave worth $100!!

The microwave has 1.1 cu. ft. capacity {1,100 watts}, has convenience cooking controls so you can cook and reheat and the touch of a button, auto and time defrost, a turntable, an on/off timer, a child lock out option {halleluia!} that enables you to lock out your kids with the keypad.

Since you will be getting a new microwave, you’ll need some Bertolli pasta sauce to go with it. Three pouches to be exact. This stuff is delicious, takes 90 seconds to heat up, and you can toss it on top of your pasta for a quick dinner {especially fabulous during the holidays, no?}. So, it’s time to get started. See giveaway details below to enter the giveaway! Goodnight, and good luck.

Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. To enter the G.E. Microwave & Bertolli giveaway leave me a comment on this post telling me why you deserve this.
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email me to let me know you’ve posted about it with a link to the post.
  3. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email me. This means you can get TWO extra entries for this giveaway! What are you waiting for? Shoo!
  4. Leave only one comment please.
  5. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  6. One winner will be chosen and announced Friday December 19th on Petit Elefant.
  7. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  8. Good luck!

{images via Bertolli, GE, and Flickr}.

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  1. Debbie Barr :

    I’m getting married in 8 days and will probably need a microwave in the very near future. :)

  2. Mistress Meeyee :

    This is not a joke,this is the truth.I deserve this microwave because we threw ours out a couple days ago due to the roaches that had taken over.Ours was also from 1987 or very close to that year.We tried to get rid of the roaches but they kept taking over the microwave so we got rid of it.No more roaches!!

  3. Jen :

    How I wished I deserved this microwave….but I rarely deserve the things you give away.

    How ’bouts this? I’ll give it to my Bishop to give away to someone who needs it, and I’ll keep the pasta sauce for myself.

    No, really. I will.

  4. raych :

    I am currenly using the microwave my parents bought a few years after they got married…it still works, but it makes some uncomfortable sounds, and the inside is scaaaaaary.

  5. Mandy :

    because I am looking to move out of my parents and will need new appliances.

  6. Jenny :

    I need this because I know someone who needs a new microwave

  7. Hannah :

    My microwave is dying! I would LOVE a new one.

  8. Pamela :

    I do have a microwave, but it too, is starting to do some funny things. The digital numbers don’t all light up so you really can’t read the correct time. This has been happening for awile now and where do I look to see what time it is…the microwave. The “night light” that you are supposed to be able to leave on at night (it is an over the stove model) has also stopped working. Just those little things starting to go wrong. Who knows what will be next. I don’t even want to think about it.

  9. lritscher :

    I *need* a microwave. The one I have now is about third-hand and is starting to smell funny when you use it. No matter how much I clean it (and I do) it doesn’t make the odor of some long-forgotten treat-gone-wrong emanate from it. I didn’t even get to eat said treat-gone-wrong, so it’s just a reminder of food past.

  10. Christine Groce :

    my daughter needs one of these. I would love to win it for her. Please count me in. Thanks!!

  11. Suann47 :

    I could really use this as mine is from the cave man days..Thanks!!

  12. peg42 :

    Thank you for offering this giveaway. We have an ancient microwave, where one of the lights inside has blown out and would love to update it with this one. We also love Bertolli sauces and use them weekly. Thanks so much.

  13. AJ :

    My microwave was bought in 1979 with the $500. we got from selling our house.We had more than the $500. in a chain link fence so the people that bought the house got a great deal. Of course the Real Estate person made a lot more than that.

  14. louiseb130 :

    Bravo Bertolli! We love the stuff and the m’wave is great as well

  15. Beth :

    My husbend and I were going to get his sister a microwave for xmas b/c she can’t pop popcorn in hers because its too small. This would be the best thanks.
    babysmamatimes3 at yahoo dot com

  16. Anonymous :

    If you saw mine, you’d know! LOL I’m shocked that at it’s age it even turns on! I also LOVE Bertoli sauce!

  17. Danielle :

    We have a pass me down microwave…they only last for so long. I would love to win a new one!

  18. alycep :

    Although not as old as yours my microwave is old and I use it a lot so could really use a new one before this old one goes. The sauces too would be great as I have wanted to try them.

    apoalillo at hotmail.com


    well mine has seen fires and seen rain..nope seriously have had blowups and flames, its a bit worn and humms to use to..make its related to yours because ours is from 1989. Ours is so bad looking on the inside I bought some stuff to decorate the door to look stylish otherwise when you open it, you think oh my GOD! what died in there?
    The night light or back panel works and can only use the minute button but it keeps on ticking, and will bury it when it takes its last breath.
    Happy Birthday!

  20. jffryclough :

    well our old micro is no more…sad, and we need a new one!

  21. C. :

    I admit that I don’t need it, but my sister-in-law who is about to start two years of debt-ridden grad school and doesn’t have a microwave sure could. It would make a much-appreciated Christmas gift for her. Not to mention the sauce would save her some cooking time while she is hard at work studying@

  22. Andrea v :

    Who would’nt want a new microwave. I could sure use to replace ours. thanks for the great giveaway.
    vickers at comcast dot net

  23. Lisa :

    My microwave sounds to be about as old as yours, and also on its way out.It was given to us by my father in law when he retired (he use to use it for his lunches) and it’s the only one we’ve ever owned. the Bertolli sounds delicious though I have to admit to not trying it yet. good luck to everyone, and merry Christmas!

  24. linda a :

    I would love a new microwave!! Mine is on its last leg…Thank you

  25. Estelle :

    Well, I do have a microwave that works fine, but it’s one of the smaller ones and I’d like to have a bigger one.

  26. Kerri Reed :

    I have needed a microwave for forever! I can’t afford to buy one, and it would make my dinner meals so much quicker! Please consider my family for this great gift!! Thanks. Merry Christmas! (kreed511@verizon.net)

  27. Paige :

    I so need a new microwave. Mine is waaaay to small for my family now. It worked perfect when I was a single woman, but now i have totally outgrew it and it getting pretty old. I think I purchased it when I was ummmm 20-so its almost 8 years old!

  28. Deci :

    My son is living in a garage, this microwave would be great for him.

  29. diesel51 :

    My mircowave needs to be taped shut in order to work. It does not have a turntable and if runs on a wing and a big prayer. Please consider me for this.

  30. Amber :

    I just moved from out of state, so most of my appliances are hand me downs right now. I don’t have a microwave at the moment either. So this would be fabulous!!

    I love Bertolli sauce! It is my fav sauce for spaghetti! Thank you.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  31. bonnieann :

    My husband was moving the microwave and dropped it, it sounded like a bomb. Soooo needless to say I have a clumsy husband and no microwave

  32. strawberry3d :

    i wanna win because i’m crazy about bertolli pasta and i could use a new microwave.

  33. Sharon :

    My microwave is SOOO old…and is just about to go…with 2 teens in the house…it is one of the most important things in the house!
    Thanks for entry

  34. Skip :

    My microwave is older than yours. I might be irradiating the neighborhood.

  35. kathy55439 :

    I work ten and half our days taking care of three boys three and under…. I need to make quick dinners….

  36. Anonymous :

    This is great! My microwave just went out last week!

  37. Jenna :

    I deserve this because I am NOT very good at cooking and most everything I make is made in the microwave. You can’t make a lean cuisine on the stove! Thanks!

  38. ronald :

    no microwave — pick me

  39. Annie1 :

    My microwave is about to kick zee bucket and this would come in very handy as I have my own family and also try to look after my mom, who has alzheimers and dad, who had a heart attack a while back.

    I’m super busy!



  40. mverno :

    my microwave is a least 30 years old who knows what it is doing to me let alone my food

  41. jw1966 :

    I have 2 teens and a house full of their friends. My microwave is not big enough

  42. Elizabeth P :

    I would love to win this microwave as a gift for my sister. She is having the type of year that none of us enjoy and all of us have had at some point. February brought a car accident, july brought an injury to a child, september brought a seperation, october brought a job loss. Her microwave is almost 17 years old, she uses it as a third arm. I am queenesperfect at yahoo.com

  43. allancarol :

    i deserve to win because my start button on my microwave doesn’t work

  44. chromiumman :

    id like to win because our microwave seems to want to work only about half the time

  45. Aisling :

    Well, I read these comments and I thought that I don’t really “deserve” to win and I certainly don’t need a new microwave as much as some of these folks, so I just won’t enter. But then I thought that if I was generous enough not to enter, that would probably make me “deserving” of it, right? And my son really needs a new microwave and I would really give it to him, so there you go . . . Count me in please.

  46. kh123856 :

    Hi there :) I need this microwave because I’m a struggling grad student who can’t afford to buy a microwave. Currently, I’m relying on my oven to cook things. The other day I tried cooking a microwave meal in the oven (it even said on the package I could), but the plastic container ended up melting :(

  47. Stacy :

    Our microwave is on the fritz, it started sparking when microwaving my sons carrots.


  48. java007 :

    I’ve got one of those old microwaves that’s starting to makes some strange sounds, too! The magnetron is probably approaching end of life, so it’s days are numbered. Not sure about everyone else, but I get dropped off the home wireless network on a regular basis when the microwave is running – a littel disconcerting :)

  49. kendra22 :

    thnx for the opp!! well I have to say I would donate it to the shelter–they can always use them for all the food they cook ! happy holidays

  50. Naomi :

    Wow, I thought my microwave was old! It’s sprightly 11 or so, not quite as ancient as yours. I would be thrilled to win a new microwave (especially a Jack Donaghy GE signature model!) but I’d also be interested in some of that Bertolli sauce action. Last week I pulled out a 12 pack of sodapop from the pantry and noticed it was wet along the bottom. I assumed one of the cans had leaked but, no, it turns out one of my jars of pasta sauce way in the back of the pantry had cracked and was sloooooowly leaking. I have no idea how long it had been in that state of seepage but there was a layer of olive oil and tomatoey sludge along the entire shelf. Awesome. More power to the non-jar packaging, I say.

  51. Proud Wife of a U.S. Soldier :

    My husband & I are purchasing our first house as soon as he gets back from Iraq. We will need a microwave as there won't be one when we move in. The microwaveable pasta looks yummy! I am hungry now.

  52. Melissa :

    Well, my microwave isn’t from 1987 but it is getting up there in years. Time for a new one!

  53. Tina :

    My microwave is on a sput and sputter mode. It goes real slow and then speeds up.. most certainly scares us. It’s old and on it’s last legs but we are putting up with it till it explodes or we can get up the funds for a new one.

    Thanks for the contest.


  54. sandyy456 :

    I would give the microwave to my brother. He’s moving into a new apartment tomorrow and it doesn’t have a microwave.

  55. Lynde :

    My 12 year old decided to hard boil a dozen eggs to make Deviled eggs for a class party. He is a pretty good cook-usually. So, while I am in the shower he begins to boil them-IN THE MICROWAVE!! I hear what sounds like a small bomb go off! I grab a towel, run out to the kitchen soaking wet & see egg, egg shell, & glass everywhere. My dear sweet Son was safe, because he was outside skateboarding. I have been finding bits of debris even after a super clean up effort. But now the microwave will not work. It turns on, but does not cook:( I could really use a new one. Thank you!

  56. nobluefood :

    I don’t know if I deserve this, but my microwave is pretty old. I sure could use a new one!

  57. Maja :

    I need one since mine is old, more than 5 yrs and some of the buttons don’t work.

  58. One 2 Try :

    My microwave is dying a slow death. It barely cooks anymore. I would love to try the pasta sauces too.

  59. B :

    My oldest daughter could ise this microwave… Merrt Christmas

  60. skytoucher :

    I never had a microwave until 5 years ago, and I used it a year and gave it away to my son who was trying to get started on his own and needed something to cook with. That’s the story of my life — giving people my nice things while I live on the crumbs.

  61. Stephanie :

    Our micro has permanent burn marks in it — no idea why. As a busy working mom of three abuse the micro quite a bit — but NEED it. Love pasta with sauce so fingers crossed!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  62. Carolyn G :

    Our microwave is on its last legs. I barely use it anymore because I am afraid it’ll blow up or something. I would love a new microwave.

  63. Stacie :

    My fiancee and I just looked at a new place that is affordable for both of us. It needs a stove and a fridge and a microwave. We could live with just a microwave while we save for the more expensive appliances. Your giveaway will feed us some yummy hungry man dinners until we get a stove to cook real meals on. Thank you for your contest.

  64. Renee' Simmons :

    Xmas last year I lost my microwave. Found one on craigslist for xmas morning for $40 (just in time for cooking xmas dinner), then this year I gave that one to my son when he moved out since it was smaller & not a great interface etc. Bought another off craigslist for $20 and now it is making a strange noise, and wondering if it will make it for this xmas! Thank you for giving your readers this wonderful opportunity!

  65. cdziuba :

    Well, with real humility, I think it would be so nice to get this prize because my son is moving into his first condo, and he needs a microwave! Not to mention pasta sauce! It’s a very exciting time, I am doing all I can to help him furnish it, especially the kitchen. I bought pots and pans this month for him. cdziuba@aol.com

  66. hnlpfaff :

    I just go moved into my very own place and I dont have a microwave… i need one bad and they are way to expensive..

    heather pfaff


  67. Miss Blondie :

    I would actually give this microwave to my brother who just moved into his own apartment last week and doesn’t have one!

    missblondie919 at gmail dot com

  68. Lisa :

    My microwave just blew up, literally! Just kidding, but it did quit working, and now it blows smoke everytime I try to use it!

  69. smdrm :

    I also have a 20 year old microwave. Sure would like to have a new one. The Bertolli Sauce would be a great bonus – yum!


  70. DePro :

    We’re in need of a new microwave and my husband is part Italian, so the Bertolli’s could come in very handy!

  71. marleenandlouie :

    Mine is on it’s last micro. Thanks for the chance.

  72. pal1 :

    My microwave isn’t quite as old as yours, but it is stumbling right behind you. The last time I warmed up some soup–I could have cooked it on the stove and saved time!!!!

  73. BUSY BEE :

    My sob story on why I deserve this microwave…lost mine in the divorce. Thanks for listening.

    Whitten100 AT Yahoo DOT Com

  74. Anonymous :

    My microwave is very old and big and my daughter is learning how to use a microwave and this looks nice thanks for the giveaway bad_girl_4_u_1984@yahoo.com

  75. tritty74 :

    Our microwave is going caput and it never seems to be top of the list. I would rather make sure our kids have what they need or the little things they want before my needs or wants get met.

  76. Sarah :

    Well, I hate to sound like everyone else, but yes, my microwave is acting up. Not kidding! Just the other day, I was grumbling to my husband that we would probably have to purchase a new one, which really made us sad because he had lost his job for awhile and just started a new one that doesn’t pay as much and let’s just say it’s been financially hard. Then again, who isn’t having a hard time financially. Our microwave (if it works because it works when it wants to) sounds like it’s doing something horrible to our food and going to give us some horrible disease. The temperatures are off and it makes things way to hot when the food has only been in for like 5 seconds. Plus, it makes a weird noise even when it’s not in use so now we unplug it. The sauce would be a great plus because I am a mother of two who is rushing around with my kids and let’s just say, I’m not the best cook! Or, really, let’s be honest, I don’t cook at all! So things I can throw in to something and heat up and bam they’re done are a dream to me. Thank you!

  77. vividchord :

    I’ve just moved back to the US after living in Scotland for awhile and I need to get all new appliances.

  78. Stephen :

    My microwave is just like this one you’re giving away and it’s been really awesome… but the turntable broke and stopped working and now it makes an awful racket everytime it’s used… It would sure be nice to replace it with the new one from this contest. :)

  79. samsakara :

    I would love this microwave! We have a microwave we were given since ours had died. The microwave we were given you can not see the numbers well as parts of the numbers are missing. I’m not expecting ours to last long and I love how easy it is to cook with one. Makes it so nice to cook something fast when your in a hurry.


  80. pattiepicc :

    I need this for my daughter. Her apartment building burned down and left her with out any thing!
    A very kind soul stepped in and offered those with children an apt
    in a building he owns. So she and my grandbabies now have a place to live but very few possessions. A microwave would be a great Christmas surprise.

  81. Anonymous :

    I need this for my mother. She has an ancient model of microwave that only has a single rotary dial for a timer. I believe it’s become a hazard, but I can’t get her to see the light.

    Teresa R

  82. augrim :

    Why cook when this kind of first class food is ready to go in ten minutes (with a wine suggestion)? The GE microwave is nice too. I need more reasons for less fast food.

  83. MMW :

    Wow! Tres tres GENEROUS! Thanks p.e.

  84. dj924s :

    I can’t think of any reason that I “deserve” this more than any one else that posted here. But I shure would love to win.

  85. Suzanne :

    All I know is I deserve a birthday present….my husband forgot my birthday. I know! What’s that all about? If I got it I would wrap it up and sing a sweet Happy Birthday to myself. Heck…I may even put a candle in a cupcake. He’s so in the dog house…..

  86. ChubbyOne :

    ” diploma, mac and cheese, 1 out of 4″

    I’m entering this contest for my Godson (we are not related)who will be graduating from high school. Before he came to live with me he had moved so many times, that he attended 30 schools. Yes, 30 schools. He has worked very hard to become the first (1) of four (4)
    children in his family to obtain a diploma. The microwave will be a wonderful gift for him because he lives off mac and cheese and pasta.
    The jars of Bertolli will also come in handy for his future college meals.

  87. dlguss :

    I think I deserve this because I’m a good person.

  88. Shannon :

    I live in a dorm and don’t have a microwave. this would be great for cooking stuff.

  89. ModernDayNomads :

    Our microwave has started throwing sparks, so it’s headed for an early retirement. Would love to win a new replacement…thanks!

  90. patty :

    I have a microwave, but it only cooks if you hit popcorn which times for 2 minutes. If you need something that takes 10 minutes you have to hit popcorn five times.

  91. Anonymous :

    Have a great day.

  92. Faither :

    Don’t know about deserving anything, but love Bertolli, and daughter could use the microwave at college

  93. greatlinda :

    We have a needy family in the church that could use the microwave and we love pasta and will surely use the pasta sauce. Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. agordon10 :

    Our microwave is older than my chidren and is not whta one would consider state of the art, more like state of confusion. We make a lot of stuff in our lil microwave and a new one would be a miracle.

  95. pattycake :

    I deserve this because my microwave is old. But, also, I was the sole cargiver of a very, sick parent for almost 8 years, and it depleted my funds.

  96. Donna :

    I need a new microwave because mine is getting old. You asked why I deserve it? I have been a good girl this year. :)

  97. Jennifer O. :

    i would love to win this because just recently my microwave starting flaming. it is awful not having one!

  98. Marcia Goss :

    My kids make fun of me because my microwave is probably 20 years old. It’s huge! I would love a new one.


  99. carolasar :

    I have been trying to do a traditional Italian Sunday dinner each week for my husband’s sake- but sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to do it right. Bertolli and a microwave would surely help me to not disappoint him.Thanks

  100. kmbennet :

    My house needs a microwave for Easy Mac, Smores, and other kid lovin’ foods.
    Thanx for the contest.

  101. Lynn H :

    I could use a new microwave…I have been buying your Bertolli meals and I love them. I have tried two so far with another waiting to in the freezer. They have made me stop going to those fast food places. It’s so easy to just pop one in the microwave and tastes great!

  102. idahomom :

    I am a SAHM of two boys who is also a CPA. I do tax returns which is just around the corner and this microwave would help make life easier during the stressful tax season.

  103. etrnlone :

    this would be for my daughter. she works ungodly hours, and is constantly on call, yet, she does’nt have a microwave. this would be so helpful for her.

  104. delimama66 :

    My microwave is a hand-me-down from my mother and it was about 20 years old when she gave it to me 5 years ago, it probably belongs in the smithsonian. I could really use one that isn’t so tempermental

  105. Sharon Thayer(sthayer@columbus.rr.com) :

    Why do I deserve to win….well I am not a “horrible” person (not perfect either) and I have a microwave but it is getting really old.

  106. mverno :

    my microwave is 30 years old

  107. chattypatty :

    My son is getting out of a bad relationship. Unfortunately the young woman is keeping most of their possessions. The microwave would make a great gift as he starts a new phase of his life. Thanks….

  108. cari :

    I would give this microwave to my little brother and his new wife. They have a 6 month old son and are having a very hard time getting by trying to finish school and work fulltime to support his family. He deserves to have something given to him for once…and this microwave and the 3 packets of sauce would be a great start.

    charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

  109. JeansandTs :

    I gave my Microwave to a homeless lady and her children. She was given an apartment for Christmas. She didn’t have anything. Now, I need a new Microwave.

  110. VickeC :

    I have a short in my microwave but im not able to buy a new one yet,so this would help,thanks for the chance


  111. clynsg :

    The door to my microwave is very difficult to open–the latch seems to be bent and I can’t seem to get it back into place. Since it is a major appliance for me, I could really use a new one! Don’t know if that makes me deserving, but I am needy!

    clynsg at yahoo.com

  112. buzzd :

    My microwave is so old it has these burn marks in the front panel..I don’t think that is a good thing. I also love Bertolli and could use a good meal. Thanks a bunch!

  113. anastasia :

    I need to win because my microwave is 22 years old and no longer cooks well. Sometimes it’s burnt and sometimes it’s raw. Here’s to winning!

  114. L321 :

    I could use a microwave from this decade, and the sauce looks delious!

  115. C. Davis :

    I need this! My microwave is on its last button these days and I can’t afford to get another one right now! harleychrys at hotmail dot com

  116. imjasonc :

    My microwave is almost done working, it caught fire once and it partially melted on the inside. it works but I don’t leave the room when its running.

  117. Anonymous :

    I love Bertolli.

  118. randycur0962 :

    I believe I deserve this as a break from cooking. My girlfriend doesn’t cook and I’m pretty good at it, but it would be nice to get a break.

  119. valerie2350 :

    my microwave is dying and the kids are hungry ;)

  120. ky2here :

    I deserve this because I’ve been good all year – please santa!

  121. whitbord :

    My brother who lives in a tiny house three blocks from the beach needs one.I need a vacation.

  122. randycur0962 :

    I do all the cooking and think I deserve to win to get a break from cooking…my girlfriend doesn’t cook.

  123. denyse :

    We haven’t had a microwave in weeks. It’d sure be nice to have another one!

  124. valerie :

    my microwave sings to me to but it not a very nice song the kids think a monster is living in it please help me not go cazy from the noise ;-)

  125. Bella Valentina Photography :

    Aww I need a new one so bad as mine is ready to blow up!

    jessica @ bellavalentinaphotography . com

  126. mensa63 :

    I have 2 grown sons, a daughter-in-law and two pre-teen grandaughters to feed and none of them ever gets hungry at the same time. At present I am using the little microwave that I bought my eldest daughter at Wal-Mart when she went to college. It is really small and I sure could use one of those larger ones like you have.

  127. Anonymous :

    I am on a restricted diet but think this is acceptable and I would like to try this food.

  128. Liz G. :

    I would love to win because it took me 20 minutes to heat up a frozen dinner last night that should have taken 3. =)

    lizames2003 (at) yahoo dot com

  129. Bill :

    This looks like a good prize, enter me to win.

  130. Anonymous :

    My current microwave is about ready to die. I also love Bertolli. Great combination.

  131. silver33 :

    My microwave is really old and probably not that safe anymore. It starting to rust so I could really use a new one.sometimes the door won’t close good.

  132. Anonymous :

    My microwave is really old and would love to give a new one to my hubby Howie. He’s so deserving.

    susan wiener, swiener1[at]tampabay.rr.com

  133. JROCK11 :


  134. Shannon :

    I have two small boys and am constantly warming food and water for bottles and this thing is getting worn out. I’d put it to good use AND we love pasta sauce. Pasta is a staple here, one of the few things my toddler likes to eat!


  135. Paige :

    I have a microwave, but I have some friends who are going through a rough patch and could certainly use it.


  136. julis55 :

    My microwave is dying! I really need a new one.

  137. tilldawn :

    I really need a new microwave,mine has seen its better days!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  138. Sarah S :

    our microwave is probably from 1987 too… it’s such a beast and a pain to use. this would be great!

  139. llinda29 :

    I am the best 15 minute cook in town. All I need is a good mic to help me be perfect.

  140. luckycorn1 :

    My microvave was stolen by my ex and being on disability, I just cannot afford a new one. But I still make sure I keep at least a few of my favorite Bertolli meals on hand.

  141. rachel :

    I have a daughter leaving for College in January, this would come in so handy and the pasta dishes would be a bonus!

  142. Shel :

    Our microwave is so old, it never cooks true-to-time, you have to leave the food in there longer to get it to cook all the way through. Forget popcorn, it either burns or you have a ton of kernels left unpopped. Not to mention it’s this ugly faux wood color.

  143. elric :


  144. CMC :

    OMG – I could sure use this microwave. The one I have has a cracked frame and the motor on the turntable just quit on me, so nothing cooks evenly.

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  145. redron :

    my microwave is old and warped. I could sure use a new one

  146. nape :

    My microwave is from Target, bought in 1983. My kids won’t stand near it. Help!

    Bertolli? I’m a GOOD EATER. Why is it only babies and toddlers are complimented for being good eaters?

    You’re giving away the #1 item I need to buy for myself. Yay for a great giveaway!

  147. McKim :

    I would like to win it for my daughter who is away at college. What is a college student without a microwave??? Just hasn’t been in the budget with school expenses!

  148. Anonymous :


  149. outtalent :

    Because I need a new microwave!!

  150. trishden :

    I need this to give to my daughter, she has been living in LA now for 2 1/2 years and she called me up right before Thanksgiving asking me how to soften up her hard brown sugar. I told her to microwave it for 30 seconds or so. That’s when I found out she doesn’t have a microwave. She has been struggling out there trying to start her career. She has gone from a size 6-8 to a size 2. She needs to be encouraged to eat.

  151. Anonymous :

    A microwave to heat up the Bertolli pasta sauce. That’s as “good as it gets!”

  152. ellen cunningham :

    Our microwave is a hand me down and it is dying. We are down to one income and we were not counting on this expense. Thanks for the chance.

  153. Anonymous :

    Just because the prize looks terrific.

  154. Anonymous :

    I deserve to win because….this looks like a great prize.Please enter me & thanks!


  155. rmcgahagin :

    i deserve to win because i am as deserving as anyone.

    thank you

  156. Ryan S :

    I have no way to heat food in my house, this would do nicely.

  157. Connie K. :

    My microwave is REALLY old.

  158. Anonymous :


  159. Anonymous :


  160. zeitersouth :

    We just moved into this house in August and it included all the appliances, yah! Well after about one week the dryer went kablooey and it took no less than 4 cycles to dry one load. So we had to get a new dryer because our laundry was stacked to the ceiling. About 2 weeks later our oven broke, it just wouldn’t turn on, so we had to buy an oven. Now just last week, I went to open the microwave and, no lie, the handle came right off! We have super glued it to death, we need a new microwave!!
    colesammom at gmail dot come

  161. booklover :

    I’d love to win the GE microwave since the GE microwave my parents gave me for Christmas when I got my first apartment passed away (as in totally died!) several months ago and hasn’t been replaced yet due to the inflation going on in the economy right now. I’d love to spend Christmas breaking in a new microwave with three pouches of Bertolli!

  162. puye :

    My microve is very old and I need a new one

  163. olene mccoy :

    Hi, my grown son is currently living with us, and in the next several weeks will finding a place of his own, this microwave would sure help, and he could fix the pasta and invite his mom (me) over to eat, now wouldn’t that be nice. omccoy

  164. Kit Kat K :

    I would love to win this to give to my daughter and her husband. They do not have one

  165. bevsclark :

    I need this because I love to eat and don’t like to cook, but I love to microwave.

  166. Barbara :

    I deserve this because I hate to cook so most of it is done in a microwave, from coffee to dinner. And the Bertolli sauce would make my dinner taste so much better. Thanks!

    3oink63moo484 (at) gmail(.)com

  167. seaman93555 :

    Hey, what can I say…it’s the holidays and I would love to have this one – I have been good all year!

  168. Jack Palmer :

    My wife works long hours and after I get off from work I come home and cook for the family to give her a much needed break. Jack Palmer jcpalmer@localnet.com

  169. okaat :

    I have had the same microwave since 1986. It was a wedding gift from my grandparents. It just recently gave out on me. I loved it so much. I am currently using one my husband had at work but replaced it because the doorspring doesn’t work. You need two free hands to open it and although i had never thought about it til now, you usually have a food item in one hand when you open the door. So this microwave requires a little extra effort. One must put down whatever they are holding to open the door. I deserve a new one because i am always cooking for everyone in my family. It is very rare anyone cooks for me. But i doing it. Sure would be nice to win a new one.

  170. Sunnyvale :

    I can use some quick and easy dinner helpers, this would fill the bill.

  171. KellyH :

    It looks like many of us have OLD microwaves! Mine is from 1989 and is starting to take forever to heat things up. I have thought many times it was dying a slow death, but now I think it is really on the way out.


  172. GALENA :

    i use a microwave daily i have recieps esp for the microwave pluss i eat alot of left overs. can’t help but do that for i live alone anrecieps are usualy for four

  173. windycindy :

    Hello! I have a son in college and he could really use a nice microwave in his dorm room. Please enter me in your delightful giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  174. Jenn S. :

    My microwave has gone wacky since the big move and we have to make sure its unplugged or it turns itself on. I try not to use it at all.

  175. SomebodyFamousJr :

    I don’t deserve to win any more that anyone else deserves to win. That said, I dodn’t deserve to win any less than anyone else deserves to win, as far as I know, so I’m throwing my hat into the ring.

  176. Robin :

    i deserve this because my boyfriend set something on fire in my old microwave so it smells like ash and i desperately need a new one
    i also love anything by bertolli
    they make the best sauce ever

  177. Tasha :

    I need this microwave!!! Someone gave me this one and it is making some weird buzzing noises and I just know it is about to go out. I use it at least 5-6x a day so please, I hope I win.

  178. Cathie Dalziel :

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you.
    I need a microwave because the one I have now was a gift from someone getting rid of it and it takes 8mins and 53 seconds (I kid you not!) to do an Orville popcorn that’s suppose to take at the most 3 minutes! (Now I know why they wanted to give it away, lol.) My oven is quicker for doing most things(!).

  179. EDRing :

    We wore our old microwave out. And now my husband has no way to fix his meals,I’m not a very organized cook.
    With a new microwave he would be happy again.


  180. April :

    The one I have know is not heating properly and takes foreverrrrrrr to warm stuff up!

  181. slylady :

    I deserve this microwave because mine is on its last legs and I have been wondering how on earth I would be able to get another one. I am on social security, so things are tight. Keeping everything crossed that i will win! Thanks for this giveaway!!

  182. SpicyOne :

    I deserve to win because I’m one of the last people on earth who doesn’t have a microwave.

  183. sfyates :

    I deserve a microwave and I really need one so I can heat up a snack. I am a fundraiser I have been working very hard to raise funds to help people. I have funds now in the winter months when people need them the most. I really hope I win this microwave so I can fix my snacks.

  184. Rebecca :

    I really need this microwave. The one I have is from 1981, that is not an exaggreation. And it still works but it is scary. When I got married in 1987 my father brought down a microwave which I thought was for me, turns out, my mom kept it and gave it to my brother 6 months later. My husband and I have thought about buying a micro over the years but we figure since this one still works we would just wait a little longer. We do have it hooked up in the garage just in case it ever decides to explode while reheating anything for us. My mom even asked for it back about 2 years ago because it was still working, I thought that was a little funny since she already kept my wedding present, but I just laughed and told her no. Thanks for the great contest.

  185. jajils :

    I love the microwave

  186. Kristen :

    We could really use a new microwave. We have a VERY old one right now. It was a hand me down from my aunt’s mother in law. It doesn’t always work right. Takes usually around twice the time to microwave anything and sometimes makes funny noises. Thanks for this giveaway.

  187. ttrue88 :

    I don’t think i deserve the prize, but my microwave is from 1982. It’s worked perfectly all these years but just this morning the door seems have dropped 1/2 inch down. :(
    Gravity is not only effecting me it seems
    :( :(

  188. toughturtles :

    well my microwave is kind of ancient and i really like the sauce thanks

  189. Anonymous :

    I realllyyyy need to win so I will get at least something for Christmas! We aren`t really doing much this Christmas.I do most of my cooking in a microwave.My old one just “bit the dust”!

  190. valmg :

    Our microwave is about ten years old and has been turning itself on and off lately, even when it;s not being used.

  191. Jocelyne :

    I need a microwave because the one I have now doesn’t work right we got it from a relative when moved this past July because we couldn’t afford one ourselves …it was used in a garage to warm the cat food and doesn’t have a turn table. We’d love a new one but since money is very tight since we had a baby this year we won’t be getting one for a while.

  192. L :

    I’ve been living in NYC for 6 months now, and been putting off the purchase of a microwave because of the space I’ll have to sacrifice in the kitchen, never mind that I’m still weighing the options of a microwave vs. a toaster due to space limitations.
    But if I win this it goes directly to the prime position – it gets the entire refrigerator top!

  193. Phyllis :

    My GE Microwave is 27 years old (has 3 powers: High, Medium and Low). And, although it still works as well as the day I got it, I’d love to have a new one (with all those sexy settings).

  194. Fangirl Jen :

    I would love to have these prizes to help me with my dinner prep. I seem to be so busy lately that I tend to end up getting take-out, and that is not the answer.

  195. beth :

    Hello, thanks for the great giveaway. If I won the microwave, I would give it to my parents. Their microwave which was a gift to them from me and my husband died yesterday.

    Thanks again!

  196. tatertot374 :

    I would like to win this as my microwave is over 10 years old. The digital numbers are pretty much non existant and I am afraid any day now it will go out. I have 3 children and a wonderful husband and a microwave is a must have around here. thank you!

  197. abner232 :

    I was cleaning my microwave and realized that it wasn’t stuck on food, it was RUST!! and there was a hole! I got so frustrated I decided to log on and enter some sweeps and VOILA, yours was the first I looked at. I am a poor social worker, BTW, friends don’t let friends become SWs, so I really need a microwave.

    I guess I am getting old, I don’t know what twitter is or have a blog.

  198. Keia :

    i deserve it because the microwave i have i had it for more than 7 years,and not all of the buttons on it works you can keep pushing until you find the ones that do work which is only a few and it’s been like that for a while

  199. Cynthia :

    I deserve to win because our current microwave is broken.

  200. Anonymous :

    I need a microwve for my office because I am diabetic and need to take my lunch to work. It’s too cold outside to go out to lunch.

  201. Shelley K. :

    I would LOVE to get this microwave. Ours came with this house (so it must be at least 10 years old)

    For a microwave, it functions pretty well…it warms things up–and it BURNS popcorn–that sort of thing…I would just LOVE to have a microwave that actually does things RIGHT…oh, to dream…lol!!

    And I LOVE Bertoli…yum yum yum!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  202. Sara L :

    My husband is a wiz with the microwave – he would be thrilled and I would be out of the kitchen more often.

  203. Lisa H :

    This would be great for my daughter who is heading off to college next year. I could send it with her. :)

  204. Aya :

    Our microwave no longer cooks/heats things evenly and is on its last legs. The way things are financially, when it dies, we just won’t have a microwave! (I like that the microwave is more cost efficient than using the oven for reheating things and it just makes life easier! :) )
    lynxpaw49 @ yahoo.com

  205. kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com :

    I would love to win this microwave, which I’d give to my mother. She still has the same microwave that she bought in the early ’80s. It’s wood grained, bigger than a 20″ tv, and it cost her $600 back then. She needs it!!!

  206. Anonymous :

    I am old and need one.

  207. Tami :

    my microwave blew up!! with 7 kids the conveinence is nice :) plus hubby wants his popcorn back lol

  208. Beth :

    i really deserve this microwave because i have 3 kids (2 are special needs) and all 3 have sensory issues which equals: everyone east different things. SO i’m always using the microwave for making someone something to eat LOL. although i do have a microwave, mine is so loud that no one can talk over the loud noise in the kitchen LOL. And that Child Lock Out feature sounds AWESOME!!! So pick me pick me!!!!!!!!

  209. Eva :

    Our microwave makes a few noises here and there. My husband and I bought our microwave the month before our daughter was born. January, 1989. One more month and it will reach a milestone of being 20 years old.

  210. mckay :

    My kids have mauled my microwave to death! They push all the buttons, turn it on with metal objects inside (to see *fireworks*) and are all around ruining it! I am in love with the fact that I am able to lock kids out with this microwave!!!! I NEED this!

  211. Shelley :

    My microwave is no longer waving. It takes like 7 minutes to cook anything. It’s like I might as well put it in the oven. So I could really use this.

  212. danosor :

    I need a new microwave.My old one is very slow and aggravating.

  213. Anonymous :


  214. dreeg :

    I have a cracked microwave and I love Bertolli.

  215. Anonymous :

    With bake this.cook that..thaw out steaks for everyone,
    I’d like to just crawl in a cave,
    Please rescue me, and ‘save the day,’ with a brand new microwave.

  216. naturegirl :

    My microwave is old and only 500 watts, so it doesn’t cook that well. I would love to have a new, more efficient one.

  217. Tammigirl :

    ‘Deserve’ is a pretty strong word, but I would be grateful for a new microwave. Is it weird that we haven’t had a working display on our microwave in years and we don’t seem too bothered about it? The child safety feature would be great as I’m sure our children will be blessing us with grandchildren in the next few years. (That felt weird to think/type/read – how did I get this old?)

  218. the HeartTongues :

    you know why i deserve to win one of your giveaways, but honestly, i feel like giving something away myself, and i KNOW i could find someone here in my neighborhood/town to give it to who DESPERATELY needs it…oh, i could say the same ’bout the toy car…

  219. captaincarebear :

    My daughter is getting ready to move out of the house next year and I want to help her out. So anything I can get her to make her new “adult” life a little easier is good for me and her.

  220. barbara.montyj :

    I could use a new microwave.
    With the holidays coming, do not have money to buy one.

  221. Patti :

    I need a new one. My current one doesn’t rotate and the seal is all funky and fried.

    newtrigal at yahoo dot com

  222. Erica C. :

    I don’t know how much I NEED this…but my microwave is old…doesn’t cook food very well…and well I’d love to try these sauces!

  223. mom2anutball :

    I think I deserve this microwave, simply because I have never had a new one! The one I have now was my grandmas, I dont know how old it is, but I have had it for shoot 10 years already!

  224. Samantha R :

    I really need this because right now we are renting and our place has a microwave, but we are moving in March and will no longer have a microwave…or a couch…or a desk…or a washer and dryer. Anyways, we will have a lot of things to purchase, so it would be absolutely wonderful to win a microwave! Thanks for the chance!
    sras7508 at gmail dot com

  225. wendy wallach :

    I deserve this because I am involved in a new relationship with a man who still uses a tape answering machine and does not have a toaster oven and his microwave? Well, use your imagination..
    Oh BTW, I also cook for him ALL THE TIME!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  226. VickieB :


    Not sure about deserve, but I sure could use a nice new microwave. I’ve tried some of the Bertolli sauces and they’re great.

  227. mogrill :

    My microwave is OVER 10 years old!!! I could so use this.

  228. Emily :

    I’d give my old one to my husband to take to work. Nice giveaway!

  229. Champagne Wisdom :

    I think I deserve this because my husband has been away (military) since January 24th…and will be away for approximately 11 MORE months. I have a CRAZY three year old son, I work full time as a Media Specialist in a public school, and I commute 45 minutes. By the time I make it home to cook dinner…I DEFINITELY need an easy way out!! Pasta + microwave = sanity!! Haha! :) P.S. My son LOVES pasta…this couldn’t be more perfect!

  230. PollyS ( marypauline at stankus dot com) :

    I need this because there is a house full of us and this rental I’m in has THE tiniest mocrowave I’ve ever seen.

  231. Baba :

    I think I have one of the first microwaves ever made. No kidding. I cross my fingers every time we go to use it, that it will still work. There are no fancy push buttons to select what you are heating or thawing. Just one knob that you turn to time it. Scary looking thing. I know we need to get a new one, but haven’t had the extra money.

  232. SAM W :

    Would put the microwave at work beacause the administration or higher-ups never fix or replace our broken ones in time, always having a line of people to heat up their food. share and share some more! The dinners in a bag always would come in handy as i haven’t had a home-cooked meal in over 8 years! or at least this would be the closest I can come to that. Plus the picture looks so yummy!!!


  233. Kurt :

    A new microwave oven will allow boiling water and reheating foods while using less energy than the electrical stove-top.

  234. Yvette Stearns :

    I am disabled and can’t use the stove in my sons home. I could put it in my room and would be able to cook myself some things to eat. I also love Bertolli sauces. Please pick me to win this. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

  235. Jeanne - Bloggy Finds :

    I also have a microwave but I purchased it used and it has a few problems to put it mildly. It sounds odd and I think its missing some of its watts because things take a lonnnng time to cook.


  236. Norton :

    A microwave with Bertolli sauces sounds like a winner. hope i win.

  237. CRC :

    My current microwave does not work very well. I could really use this one.

  238. stephanie p :

    I work 3rd shift and sometimes have really odd time starts. My son who is 13 often “cooks” for himself and my 2 younger children when I am at work. Mostly microvave stuff…or reheats. My microwave started making funny noises and then nothing.Dead. I would love to win this. I feel safer with him not using the stove when I am not home.

  239. janetfaye :

    I deserve this because I am in need of a new microwave.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  240. The Giveaway Diva :

    i would love to give this to my mom because she needs a new one and she always thinks about my sisters and me before thinking about herself! this would be a great thank u present!

  241. Dawn :

    Hi, I would love to have this microwave, as mine has been broken for a very long time. I don’t know as I deseave it for any reason anymore then the other people, but would love to have it so I could give it to my hubby as a gift. I have never been able to buy him a Christmas or birthday present due to medical bills of mine, so he really deseaves it and it would make his day alittle easier on the days he has to cook because I don’t feel well. thank you for the cool contest and good luck to everyone

  242. didapr :

    I have been searching for a microwave that will last a year or two. So far I’ve tried 3 in the last year. All 3 have broken down. The last one I spent extra just to try and avoid this but it broke down too. I am not hard on microwaves at all. I mainly use them to reheat things. It would be wonderful to get a new one since my 3rd one is now on the fritz. I am hoping to win this one and that it will be the “one” that lasts. Thanks for the great contests!

  243. Crazy_in_MD :

    The microwave we have now has baby food and who knows what else spackled to the sides and roof. Would love to win :-)

  244. nightowl :

    I deserve this because mine is really icky and I’m getting tired of it.

  245. hale2005 :

    My microwave is 10 years old and on it’s last legs :)

    I could use a new one!


  246. Anonymous :

    I deserve this, because we really need a microwave ( ours is going out). And I would really use it. Please enter me. Thanks, Samantha


  247. hondaray6 :

    I deserve this microwave because I have 14 grandkids who visit regularly….and eat a lot! My poor old microwave gasped its last breath a coule of weeks ago and life at Grandma’s just hasn’t been the same since! Though of course I can live without one, I’d much rather live with one! Thanks for the chance!

  248. Angie c :

    I need this microwave. I run a daycare out of my home and use it for soup and such. The problem with mine…It takes 10 minutes to warm up a bowl of soup!!!! I would love to have one that actually does what it is suppose to Be convient….

  249. hminnesota :

    This give away can’t come at a better time!. my microwave handle is almost gone and I would hate to buy a new upgraded microwave at this time of economy with two kids in semi private school and DH without a job. Please enter me!.thanks for being so generous!.

  250. Crystal Chapman :

    Mine microwave is getting on in years, and is too small for somethings I need. Count me in!

  251. Sarah Speaks- Savvy SAHM Reviews & Giveaways :

    Our microwave is older than dirt! (We got it while I was in gradeschool- I got out of gradeschool in 1987!) and it is dying a slow painful death so we really need to replace it!

  252. Amanda Mae :

    Great giveaway! I do not want the microwave for myself. If I win, I will give it to my coworker. She and her husband and 5 year old son live in a home that they are trying to fix up. They have no heat, no water (they have to go to her mother-in-laws house to shower). They are doing what they can as they save their money, but I know that this would be a wonderful gift and something they would not have to worry about. Thanks!!

  253. Victokirsh :

    I can’t say I “deserve” to win, but I sure would like to.

  254. bonnieb :

    Our Youth Center in our small town is just getting started and could use this. Everyone has been you generous in donating items for our youth.

  255. Anonymous :

    My son actually cooked a metal spoon in my microwave and it destroyed the inside. Now that he’s gone off to college, I think its safe to get a new one!

  256. Anonymous :

    I really need a new microwave…mine, is so small it has to work really hard to heat up water for hot tea let alone put a bowl of something in it!

    We are really pinching pennies this year b/c I am in grad school, hubby got laid off and found a job making less, and a new baby is on the way! Fast, easy, and cheap meals are easier with a microwave…send us some love!


  257. Pitcher Family :

    Would love this microwave. The kids love to make popcorn, and it’s a real life saver. Ours is getting pretty old now, from when we got married. Thanks for the give away. Merry Christmas.

  258. HopelesslyDeb :

    I deserve this because my sister has spent the last two years nuking “me” with a microwave that has a broken seal!

  259. Mommy Lisa :

    We need a new microwave with the baby! And we LOVE the bertolli sauce it gives you the perfect amount for our needs and is TASTY!

  260. ANNE S :

    The digital clock display on my microwave is half gone. Can the other works be far behind? Thanks.

  261. gbmom2407 :

    Okay, so mine is from 1980… no joke. It works, most of the time. It is no longer white…but turning yellow. We have a whole bunch of us and I use it to cook a lot. It would be a huge blessing to not have to buy one!!
    Happy day.

  262. Linda :

    I could really use a new microwave. Mine is quite outdated, from 1987, a new one would be nice

  263. kristin k :

    I don’t need it, my daughter does. She lost her job Nov 1, had to get a lawyer because they are fighting her unemployment benefits, wrecked her only means of transportation during an ice storm 2 weeks ago, and, in case that wasn’t enough, the apartments she lives in, had a fire Dec 13, where the storage units are. All her books, golf clubs, diplomas, thing like that, went up in flames. She needs a little happines right now.

  264. bison61 :

    I do not have a microwave and with company coming all thru the holidays this would be so handy

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  265. Tara :

    M-I-C-R-O-W-A-V-E hmmmm. yes i remember having one of those I believe my then 7 year old put a fork in it and now it is done. Haven’t scraped up the green to buy a new one.

  266. Renuka :

    i need this microwave since i dont have one at all…

  267. Judie :

    well I don’t really deserve a microwave, but my daughter does. She just moved after 3 different apts. she lived in were forclosed on by the owners bank. If I win the Microwave will be hers, but that yummy sauce is all mine—Judie

  268. Rachel :

    I could use the microwave b/c the one we have is over 10 yrs. old & on the way out!! : ) I have been out of a job since Aug. & this would make my Christmas!! : ) God has blessed in many ways, but sometimes it is nice to get some of our "wants" in addition to our needs!! Thanks!!

  269. Jessica :

    What a great giveaway for people who can’t afford one. Thanks for all that you do!!

  270. Reeva :

    i deserve this because i’m a late night snacker and i’d like to have this in the game room so i dont have to walk downstairs into the kitchen to pop my popcorn :)

  271. Bebemiqui :

    I deserve this because we’ve had a teeny $30 microwave for 4 years now and our dear bagged popcorn can’t turn in it!
    Save the unevenly cooked popcorn!

  272. fluggy :

    I deserve to win because some jerk stole mine.

    G.E. Microwave & Bertolli pasta sauce would be awesome to win!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  273. Kristy :

    I would love to have this microwave. Mine is old and has a mind of it’s own!

  274. Sarah :

    I have a microwave that makes noises too, but still works great. If I won though I would give it to my parents. They still have the same microwave from when we were kids one of thos huge brown ones. It does work to heat up stuff just takes a little longer. So I’m entering on behalf of my parents.

    Thanks for your site. SARAH

  275. carol :

    Why I deserve to win…if the microwave is broken my family would have to eat my cooking and have seen what they charge for doctors bills even with insurance it costs alot.

  276. Steve :

    I bought a brand new one a couple months ago and it works worse then the one that I had for 15 years. Would really like to have a new one

  277. Susan :

    I would love to win this- not for me but for my Mom. She has an ancient microwave that I don’t even think it is safe and it takes up her entire counter. This one is perfect- beautiful and I’m sure would fit under a cabinet!

  278. Michelle :

    I would really like to be considered to win the microwave. We’ve been using the one we inherited when my Grandma died, which oddly enough is the one my mom and dad bought her one year in 1980. It’s big, it’s OLD and you have to really giggle the button to even get it to open. Not to mention it takes alot longer than normal to microwave something. LOL I’ve loved it though, lots of sentimental value attached to it.
    I’ve got 4 boys 10, 5, 2 and 2 and we do lots and lots of cooking! Thank you! :)

  279. Damla :

    I deserve this microwave, because I want to prepare quick meals for my boyfriend. We love eating:))

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

  280. Bonnie :

    MY 30 yr old microwave just bit the dust, Could sure use a new one.

  281. {littlefam} :

    this item is much needed in my joint. i am currently borrowing one of my sister-in-law’s microwaves, i would love to return hers and have my very own!!!

  282. Tuesday Girl :

    I would love this because we are moving to a new house with a kitchen that has all original appliances that are 20+ years old! I bet nothing works!
    This would be great.

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  283. Twincere :

    We need this for our new house!

  284. Anonymous :

    I am still using my old microwave from college–and I graduated 22 years ago. It still works–sort of…..awhisnant@comcast.net

  285. Nicole :

    I would love this microwave because mine is dying. If, however, mine can live a year longer, I would give the new one to my mother in law when we go to visit her in Trinidad. She is in poverty and this would be a luxury. She deserves a little luxury right about now!

  286. kdkdkd :

    I don’t know if I deserve this more than anyone else, but I could sure use a new microwave. I bought my old one in the 1990’s and it is not very reliable anymore. My kids get very disappointed when the food is either half frozen or cooked to a crisp. BTW I LOVE Bertolli!

  287. exotic1 :

    I don’t know if you had a P.E Ward man that came to your house. But years and years ago P.E Ward came door to door and sold products. Well the first year they came out my mother bought one. I can remember it cost around $500 dollars back then. Well she handed it down to me around 5 years later and bought a new one and I still have that same Microwave. It quit working about 8 years ago and someone told me that it’s probably a $3 fuse and sure enough I bought the fuse put it in and walah it worked. I’m still running it today but the door is loose and I’m sure that’s not good. I’m about 20 years over due for a new one but you know how it is. The kids need new shoes or they need money for some school project. It’s always something and I never end up getting a new one. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays~!

  288. exotic1 :

    Just came back from blogging about this new site to me and your giveaway. Now off to twitter :) Thanks Again!

  289. exotic1 :

    I wish twitter would let you tweet more. Once you enter the url it doesn’t leave much space for writing anything special about the site. I tweeted about your great giveaway at twitter here

  290. Heather :

    Oh my goodness, after reading your other entries I do not deserve to win this prize but it has been a long day, my dishwasher broke and I feel like I’ve been doing dishes all day! What on earth did people do before dishwashers?

  291. Risingsouth :

    Mine is so old that it has turned from white to yellow.

  292. Berek :

    I don’t know if I’m the most deserving, but I am the entire staff in a small public library in Maine and we offer programs monthly for kids. Adding a microwave so we could heat/cook refreshments would be a huge bonus for the kids who come.

  293. drming :

    I am unemployed and unable to purchase Christmas presents so this would help our family have a Merry Christmas.

  294. joni chadwell :


  295. judyyy :

    I don’t guess I really “deserve” this microwave but if I should win it, I will give it to a couple I know who has really been hit hard. They had one car and someone hit them and wrecked the car. It totaled the car(they had no insurance) and the man lost his job because he could not get to work.They are living on her $400 a month disability.

  296. dn6511 :

    I can’t beat the last comment, so let her win!

  297. Tig :

    My microwave has fried itself!

  298. herrinfamily :

    My microwave is on it’s last leg.

  299. Anonymous :

    Would love to have a microwave to save energy of using the stove

  300. sherri419 :

    I don’t know if I deserve it any more than any one else, but I would really like to have it. I have my deceased grandmother’s old microwave. Somehow, during a move, it got a huge crack down the front. My SO, being the handyman that he is..LOL, decided to seal it with some kind of black epoxy. Well, now it has a big bubbly crack down the front!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  301. JillianV :

    I need a microwave! I’m a poor college student moving into my first appartment in a few months. This would help so much….espesically because 75% of my meals will be microwaved.

  302. jlafount :

    The bertolli meals look interesting

  303. leloni :

    Because my microwave is super small and takes like three times as long to heat anything up and overheats..

  304. Grateful Gramma :

    What a great prize! Please enter my name in the drawing. Thanks.

  305. Andrea :

    I use the microwave a lot. My current microwave is from a yard sale and is just about to give out. I really need a new one.

  306. erinls :

    I bought my first home two years ago and the only appliance that wasn’t in good condition was the microwave. The fan cover falls of – I have tried various methods of repair (including tape – haha). None of which have ever lasted long. The fan doesn’t work and the tray doesn’t turn. It has some icky stains too. Enough about my microwave anyway!
    The dinners would come in handy too on evenings like tonight. Not sure this beats the roach entry, but thanks for the chance~

  307. Randi :

    So far, I am one of 317 people to enter, my odds are looking good. :)
    But I would love this. I need a microwave, it is one thing I don’t own. I can imagine it would be a great thing to own.
    I have posted about this on my blog! :)

  308. Jon :

    I don’t own a microwave and could really use one. Thanks.


  309. Miss Heidi :

    My microwave is about the same age as my husband and he’s 24. Simple reason as to why I’d like a new one. Thanks.

  310. jennmalan :

    well the tray in mine broke, it still works but sucks. I have 5 kids and am a good mom

  311. The Consumer Queen :

    My husband has a degenerative disease so now any extra money goes to medical bills!We were trying to update our kitchen at the time this would continue our journey to do so!

  312. Theresa DeRosa :

    I really need this my microwave is ancient

  313. pugsley085 :

    Since a friend of my son put a small piece of aluminum foil in my microwave it has not worked correctly. For safety reasons I deserve this microwave :-) I also am so busy that cooking healthy in the microwave is so much easier and fun!!Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  314. One2Volunteer :

    I would like to donate a microwave to my local chapter of the American Red Cross. Those selfless staff members deserve a new microwave to replace the antique that they have, and donations are down, so they won’t be buying one any time soon. Thanks for a wonderful offer.

  315. cmartin0055 :

    I need this for college, i’m soo tired of borring other people microwaves i need one asap!

  316. LisaOvercash :

    I think I deserve to win because my ex lied at our initial separation hearing and the judge let him stay in the house with everything. I’m leasing and have had to spend a fortune setting up a new household and I don’t have a microwave.

  317. Anonymous :

    i have one of those hugh, jumungous 20 yr old microwaves, i could use this

  318. Athios :

    My girlfriend’s microwave is sooo old and small and I need to literally jam my finger into the buttons before they register anything. This would make a great replacement… : )

  319. smileysmg :

    I deserve this because my current microwave chooses when it wants to work, I am a student and most of my meals are on the go and cooked via the microwave. So a new one would be a God-send.


  320. Melissa :

    I could really use this! I just got engaged Friday. We’re going to get our first place in a few months and we have nothing for the place!

  321. abcdbanda :

    I have a two yr old and a newborn and our microwave just quit:( I could really use some help with preparing meals QUICKLY these days:)

  322. Anonymous :

    I volunteer at the Appalachian Helping Hands Clothes Closet and the Bread Basket. That doesn’t leave much time to cook! I could really use this win! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  323. anita adams :

    I would just like a new one. I am getting ready to do a complete remodel of my kitchen and it will take a couple of years to complete as we are doing it ourselves and money doesn’t hang on trees, darn it!!!! It sure would be nice to have something new in the mess so I will have something to look forward to. anitahensley@go.com

  324. sula_nsb :

    I need it because I prepare devices for my marriage and I hope this will be one of them

  325. miriama :

    I don’t want this for myself but to send to my mom. She could really use this. Hers is more like an Easy Bake Oven! I swear. Thanks for the giveaway.

  326. Linda :

    Oh my gosh…with all the posts I may never have a chance! BUT…here is a link that I posted to my blog
    My daughter’s microwave is on it’s last legs and I would give this to her if I won!
    I’m hoping for some Christmas luck!

  327. moose77 :

    I would give it to my sister who just got married!

  328. Terri :

    True story! Our microwave is so heavily used that it has developed a new horrifying noise. The sound is like a mouse squealing for help. I am laughing as I write this because when I turn the darn thing on even the dog and cat go running out of the kitchen. Thanks!

  329. dbacksfan001 :

    My microwave is making horrible groaning noises when the turntable goes. Sure could use an update!

  330. Carolyn Sharkas :

    I have a microwave now, but I can only cook things in increments of 3,33,333,seconds, as that is the only button that works on the silly thing. thanks for the chance to win.

    ceashark at aol dot com

    carolyn s

  331. Bethany Moran :

    my hard working, mother of four, daughter needs one

  332. makeetis :

    I would love to win this because I use my old microwave at least 3 times a day. I have 3 kids and that’s how they snack either with popcorn or a tv dinner. Thanks so much. brewerchickey78(at)yahoo.com

  333. js22 :

    I was just laid off from work. My microwave is old and who knows how long it has before it dies. So I’d love to win a new one before the old one dies. And I only buy food that is on sale to save money. So winning wonderful Bertolli sauce would be great and add variety to my meals.

  334. Tamara B. :

    I need to win this because my husband keeps breaking off the handle to my micromave that opens the door. It is built in above the stove. Everytime I have to replace it it costs me 34 dollars. I would just love my own microwave for him not to touch. Thank-you for the giveaway.

  335. RE :

    We’re trying to redo our kitchen, so this would be great! Plus, I’m the microwave queen – if my old one blows, my kids just might starve! :)

  336. JaniceJ :

    I would give this to my son for his very first apartment. Happy Holidays.

  337. d5stock :

    My microwave is having issues. This would be a nice win…..and a much needed one.

  338. Peggy :

    I would love to win this wonderful microwave because I don’t have one and really would love one. I did have one ,a very small 15′ microwave and it is not working any longer
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  339. dddiva :

    Ahh I don’t know if anyone actually deserves this, esp or even me, but our microwave only works sometimes, runs hot and the whole right bottom is whacked out and you have to slam it then push the buttons – some days it works, some not. I have no idea what it may be leaching into the air, but we depend on it and use it at least daily but have too many needs to make replacing it an option right now.

  340. butterflyangel :

    Our microwave is over 10 years old and is falling apart, I would love to have a new one.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  341. heaventrees :

    I am not sure I deserve to win, but I do want to win for my niece. She needs this microwave.

  342. angieplays :

    I would really love the microwave to give to my dad. He is on a fixed income and the poor guy does not have good luck with used microwaves. I’ve bought him two different microwaves at sales. One quit working about a week after we got it. The other blew up and caught on fire…really, it caught on fire. So, he could really use it.

  343. donnas231 :

    I was going to enter this even though I have a good microwave, but after reading everyones coments I realize that others need it more than I so Good Luck to All and I hope that someone who really needs this wins. But I would have loved the food as I am not the best cook ! Merry Christmas

  344. Anonymous :

    I really truly need this microwave. My family and I are newly retired military and have just moved back to our home state and are in temporary housing. We bought a small microwave, and while it has worked ok these last few months, it has just decided it’s had enough, and decided to konk out on us. We really don’t have the extra money right now to buy a new one, with the holidays and all. But even if I don’t win, I just want to say thanks for the chance.


  345. bookbanklink :

    Foregone flamer formerly floundered from freakish frittering fragmentation! Phew!

  346. Corey :

    Hmm. I think “deserve” is a tough word. I don’t know as anyone deserves a microwave. My microwave is old and um.. rusty inside, believe it or not, and I’m pretty sure it’s hazardous to our health at this point, but if I win this new one, I will donate it to the homeless shelter in our town.


  347. Anonymous :

    Bertolli is my specialty! I’m a perfect match for this giveaway!

  348. Sage Phoenix :


    I would like to start the new year with a new microwave. Mine isn’t as old as most but it was such a cheap model that I worry about it lasting much longer. Last year, I went without an oven for three months because my landlord was slow to replace mine. SO I had to live from a microwave and crockpot. These are a few of my favorite things. …..

  349. CJ :

    My old microwave takes forever just to heat up the simplest thing. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  350. Anonymous :

    My husband could use this at his job place where he is restoring an old building…nothing like warming up a homecooked meal instead of a sandwich when working out in the cold of winter. ruthing73 at hotmail dot com

  351. Ardy22 :

    I need a new microwave because mine is about 10 years old, worn out, and on its last leg.

    ardy22 at earthlink.net

  352. pamelarm :

    I would love to win this for my mother-in-law. They have a really old microwave, but refuse to buy a new one, as it does still work, it just takes forever! Thanks for the chance

  353. Wanda :

    Oh cool! I would love to win this because……my son is a senior in high school and will be leaving for college soon.
    We are preparing now for what is ahead.
    He will have plenty of dorm needs and this handy dandy microwave fits the bill!
    You wouldn’t happen to be giving a mini fridge away would you? :)

  354. Brooke :

    I don’t need a new microwave, but I know either one of my sisters would love to have one. I will let them duke it out :)

  355. gmistudio :

    hi, like everybody i need this microwave too, my is so so old and dont work the number 3 and 7, my microwave is 10 years old and wants to retire.. lol

    merry christmas everybody !!

  356. Emily :

    Who doesn’t need a microwave? Mine is on its way out. Dad says it has a bad magnitron. I guess 12 years will do it. This would be awesome. Thanks.

    emily_albrecht at hotmail dot com

  357. purango :

    I deserve to win because I try to prepare tasty nutricious meals for my family everyday. Winning this contest would make my life easier. garrettsambo@aol.com

  358. Leah :

    I desperately need a new microwave, before we lost the house we were leasing I gave my old microwave to my old boss who’s daughter pretty much killed their microwave. Now that we’re living somewhere else the one we have barely works and we honestly need to throw it out do we don’t catch the house on fire or something!!

  359. Mama Zen :

    Because my last microwave caught on fire!

  360. epblack :

    Boy O Boy could I use this. I have/had a microwave in my in-law suite that was actually used by some junior hockey players (19-20 years old) that had no other place to stay at the time they played in the area. Needless to say….young men don’t realize or are too lazy (I’m banking on the latter); that you need to cover items when you cook them. I have tried everything but there is no way I will be able to resesitate my poor microwave. Please help me rid of my mess!!

  361. SLG :

    My microwave is also about 20 years old and takes approximately 20 minutes to heat a bowl of raviolis. I depend on it almost entirely though as I don’t have an oven at all. And a few months ago my refrigerator also broke down so I am dependent almost entirely on microwaveable single serving foods. A new, more efficient microwave would make my life easier and use less electricity (thereby being more ecofriendly and better for the earth.)

  362. dctm :

    Believe it or not, my husband I were just saying recently that our microwave is on it’s last leg. I would love to win!


  363. Elsie :

    Microwave, microwave, come to my home,
    My kitchen so needs you,
    Please do not roam….

    Meals will be great, I will rejoice,
    And you’ll be our favorite,
    Better than toys!

    Happy and Healthy holidays!

  364. Anonymous :

    love this, thank you!

  365. Jen :

    I would love to win this because I could really use a new microwave. I have also always wanted to try the Bertolli pasta sauce.

    footejennifer (at) hotmail.com

  366. djgroz :

    I need to win this, so I can give it to my son. His went capoot and he keeps coming upstairs to use mine and never cleans it.

  367. yadgirl :

    I’ve used my microwave for every meal I’ve cooked in the past year, and it’s worn out.

  368. Sara :

    I work 60 hours a week, and I don’t have time to make a dinner that takes a long time for me and my significant other. We love the Bertolli meals, so winning this prize would allow us to eat well and save time.

  369. JenniferR :

    I deserve to win this because I recently had surgery and it’s a struggle trying to get dinner on the table. This would make my life much easier now and in the future!


  370. Jo :

    Oh.. pick me pick me. I actually already have a microwave, but we recently moved and its such an old one it was too big for the space for it. So now I have to remember to actually take something out of the freezer in time for it to thaw out.

    jwatkk at comcast dot net

  371. Anonymous :

    Why I deserve it…I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. My 1 y/o baby head-butted me and broke my crown (cost $850+). Our oven just died. My computer just died (I’m using my husband’s computer to type this.) Our microwave and dish washer are both starting to go, too. I became a stay-home-mom when our son was born and I’ve been trying really hard to help make ends meet…cutting coupons, shopping specials, etc. But, there’s just no keeping up with it. Oh well…it’s not that bad, really. I still count my blessings. I have a wonderful husband and son who love me. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! And thanks for listening. :.)

  372. alexandrea :

    If I have to say deserve…we have a hand me down microwave that must be at least 15 years old. I also love sketti and make it pretty regularly and I’d love to try these new sauces

  373. Anonymous :

    My GE microwave just died. It was 10 years and 2 months.

  374. Happi Shopr :

    my not sure how old our microwave is, we bought it from my sister before we got married 9 years ago…it’s on the fritz and we could sure use a new one. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  375. krissy :

    Ours is from the early 90s. Its a yucky brown/wood looking microwave with a huge dent on the top from when me moved 2 years ago.

  376. one6ylady :

    I deserve this because I’ve spent 5 years working as a social worker for the Children’s Department who is housed in a Family Court building where we are treated like outsiders when it comes to having access to the buildings comfort facilities. We don’t have access to the break room, kitchen, employee bathrooms, or even the ability to enter or leave the building outside of the regular business hours for clients (we have to stand in line and wait to check in along with everyone else).

    This also means that we have to bring in lunch or spend a ton on eating out. This also poses a problem, because we are forced to flex our scheduled to accommodate when we’re allowed to be in the building, so our lunch period is only 30 minutes long and subject to being matched up to the Judges and Commissioners caseloads – meaning we never know exactly when we’re going to get lunch (if ever) on a given day. That pretty much prohibits us from going out for lunch. The lack of a microwave or fridge means we can’t bring in anything that needs to be cold or that has to be heated before eating it. We have no access to the break room where the cold drink machine is – so in the winter I bring a drink and leave it in the car to stay cold until I get lunch. I can’t tell you how sick I am of Peanut Butter and Jelly on bread, crackers, rice cakes, and even Bugles and tortilla chips.

  377. Suz :

    I deserve to win because my current microwave is a hand me down, and I’d love to have a new one.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  378. DEBIJOT :

    I do not need one, but my brother does. He just moved back home and he needs quite a bit. This would definitely help

  379. ellie :

    My microwave is over 10 years old and is starting to show, and act, it’s age. Kind of like me.
    This would be a great win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  380. MaggieM :

    Our microwave has finally pooped out. We can’t swing for a new one right now so I’d love to win one:) I can’t imagine life without a microwave. If I don’t win, I know we’ll have to break down and buy one, but who knows, maybe I’ll win :)


  381. Anonymous :

    I deserve this because I’m heading into my busy season at work and deserve to be able to cook a decent meal for the family with the little time I have farrell@crosslake.net

  382. Karrie :

    We are not going to be able to buy presents this year and I would love to have this so I can save on having to buy a new microwave

  383. Web :

    I really need this because my ex took ours when he snuck out, the dirty %$#^%

    weblynx at hotmail.com

  384. kaylee8 :

    I have a hungry family of 6 to feed and I am usually exhausted when I crawl home from teaching 130teens each day~

  385. cdziuba :

    My son is closing on his first condo next month, and I would dearly love to win this for him. If anyone deserves it he does, so I’ll say I deserve it in his name! cdziuba@aol.com

  386. Janelle :

    Well, the other day I was kneading bread with my KitchenAid mixer and walked away for a moment. For whatever reason, the mixer chose that moment to shimmy itself off the counter and burst into sparks! They shot out of the outlet AND the back of my beloved mixer. As a result of this, I blew out 4 outlets in my kitchen and fried my microwave, which was plugged into one of them. I’m very thankful nothing caught on fire!!!!! I do miss that microwave, tho…you don’t realize how much you rely on them until you lose them!! Thanks for the chance…..

  387. Heather :

    I can’t say i deserve it more than anyone else. I would LOVE to have a new one though since when you push the button on mine the door no longer opens! You have to hold the button down and pull the door open with your other hand. As a mom I am sure you know that isnt easy with a little one on your hip!

  388. singermagic1 :

    my daughter just moved to Portland and is just starting out so she has nothing for a new apartment, love to give her this for her new place

  389. pamelab1 :

    my son will be moving out in a couple weeks and he needs a microwave

  390. mimi :

    my microwave is old and on its last legs…would love to win this giveaway..and of course my fav sauce is bertolli

    happy holidays

  391. Deb :

    My husband and I work full time and I have to cook every single thing my family eats….we rarely go out to eat because we are on such a tight budget. This giveaway would really help our household and I think I deserve it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  392. yellowlabs :

    I would love to win this for my parents! The microwave they have is really old!

  393. Claire Allison :

    My microwave is from 1981……

  394. pantslearson :

    I deserve to win this prize for it will make a nice gift for my wife who isn’t getting anything this xmas.

  395. MCJunkie :

    I derserve to win because day after day i hear way to much drama. I am the listener here and i am about to go coconuts. I deserve to have a quiet time with a hot meal made in a microwave instead of a coffee pot. Yes I let the hot water drip on a ziplock bag in the glass thing pot.

  396. T. :

    I personally don’t need it, but my uncle and aunt have four kids and definitely could use such a luxury.It would make a great Christmas surprise for them!

  397. The Barnharts :

    i need to win this to give to my mother in law who needs a new one and if I give this to her than maybe I can finally impress her!

  398. djolsen :

    I stood in front of my microwave today, pushed a button to turn it on and leapt to the side as quickly as possible, the thing is going to blow, I know it! It swells up right in front of my eyes. I can see it. i don’t know whether to protect my face or my chest. It’s a worrisome thing. I am probably no more needy than the rest but I still want it.

  399. Fae V :

    i have a really old microwave. i love to cook tasty meals for my family, but sometimes there isn’t enough time. this would be a blessing to our household!

  400. A Reader :

    B/c I need a new microwave to gove to my college son.

  401. Jinxy and Me :

    I am desperately in need of a new microwave so this would be wonderful. The sauces look great!

  402. Jennifer :

    I have never had a nice microwave ever! The one I have was given to me and is a piece of crap and I have to heat things up double and sometimes triple the time in it! This would help a lot!! Thanks for the chance!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  403. Cjnedrow :

    I would love to win this because our microwave is losing power and it is about time for a new one!

  404. Anonymous :

    My last microwave had a broken handle for years but worked good. Husband didn’t like the broken handle so bought another one at a garage sale. Only one out of the ten digits fully displays on it. I really need a new microwave.

  405. mudrunnersmom :


  406. spookyone23 :

    i would love to win

  407. The Millers :

    The microwave we have is taped up, literally! The button that opens it kept popping out on to the floor so we used shipping tape to keep it in. Besides that we got it used from someone else. There’s no telling how old it is. The other issue is that we are in the middle of a remodel and our home equity was cut off because of the housing crisis. Now, I won’t get any new appliances and may not get a finished kitchen until who knows when. I’ll need a microwave I can depend on.

  408. Mikelynn :

    I would love to give this to my son and daughter-in-law. They currently don’t have one and things around there house are hectic with the baby.


  409. sandis3 :

    I just want to know what it would feel like to be a winner!

  410. blue1eyes20 :

    This is the same microwave I have….or should I say HAD! My husband, wonderful as he is. Decided he would take care of me(we just had baby #2) And decided he would re-heat some pasta one of our neighbors had brought over. (he thinks I don’t know that! LOL!) And this just happened to be in a small metal bowl. YUP! You guessed it! He nearly blew up our kitchen! This happened the very same day that our toilet decided to “poop out” on us!!! It would be wonderful to only have to make one major purchase right before christmas, as we are an one income family at this time!

  411. idahodad7 :

    We need a microwave because my wife has had to start working and can no longer make the wonderful homemade meals that she is so famous for.

  412. Helen :

    My current microwave is at least twelve years old and it takes a little longer to heat things up but still works. I’d like to purchase a newer model but it’s just not in the budget.

  413. SimplySavvy :

    My two year old tried to cook something he wasn't supposed to & I can't clean it out…

  414. CanAmBlond :

    I think I deserve to win this because although I do have a microwave…it really isn’t much of one. The glass carousel on the bottom no longer turns, so my meats are cooked on one side and frozen solid on the other. Only half of the buttons work, so I can only use 2,3,6,8 and 9. So I guess I have half of a microwave! And to make matters worse, my husband thinks I deserve a new microwave….as a Christmas present! So I either need to win this microwave, or you need to have a giveaway for a sense of romance so I can win that for my husband! (Really, he’s a dear, he doesn’t mean to be…well, a man…lol)

  415. Anonymous :

    I would love to gift my son with this. He and his best friend have recently moved into their first apartment. They have very(!) little furniture so I know they will not spend money on a microwave and yet I find that for cooking they are indispensable. Adding to this, the Bertolli … I can ensure they are eating well.
    Happy Holidays everyone.


  416. Anonymous :

    It seems like a lot of people need a microwave but I would like to win it because I love Bertolli. The dinners are especially good but I never tried the pasta sauce.

  417. KristenH :

    I deserve this because the microwave I have now is not the best one in the world and I do not have another one around just in case the current microwave stops working. And we use the microwave so much in my house. It wouldn’t hurt to have another one around at all. My sister may also be able to use this at her apartment. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  418. Amanda :

    I need to win this so I can give it to my mother in law. Her’s is very old and doesn’t work right all the time. I feel it’s very unsafe and would like to be able to replace it for her.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  419. Angela C :

    I don’t really deserve to win anything but I’d like to win, because my microwave burnt out or I should say I somehow managed to catch it on fire.I then bought one from a garage sale after asking the guy if it worked got home plugged it in and the time doesn’t show up. It still works but if you put in the wrong time by mistake you’d never know. So I’ve been using a egg timer lol

  420. Kathy :

    I know the difference between “want” and “need.” I need this microwave. We have a huge old one that my husband’s office threw out, and it only cooks on high! It’s a big, brown, ugly box and I would truly love to have a new microwave!…Please!

  421. shiloh :

    I have a microwave that saw its better days, long, long ago. I love Bertolli pasta.

  422. Darcy :

    Our microwave is not working well at all. It’s old and takes forever to heat things up. Since I do all the cooking, and haven’t gotten a new appliance in many years, I think I deserve to win it!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    mistyriver2009 (at) yahoo.com

  423. Joseph :

    I moved from North Carolina to Oregon 9 months ago and when I did I sold everything (Furniture, appliances, etc) so I very much need a microwave. I moved into an older apartment that doesnt have built-in ones like the new ones. And I love Bertolli pasta and the new sauces.

  424. intime :

    My microwave sparks and I always eat steam and eat ravioli, so I need both the microwave and the sauce

  425. Swtlilchick :

    I work hard,have been good and
    Santa can tell you that.I am always doing things for others.
    I want to give this microwave
    to my neighbor who is elderly
    and does not own a microwave
    which would make her life so much


  426. travellingmomof2 :

    Not a great cook. My microwave used now is on its last legs from being used every day. Love to have a new one and the food with it would be delicious.

  427. masonsgranny59 :

    my microwave gave out a few weeks ago and this would be a blessing if i could win itand the sauce.ty 4the entry and good luck all!

  428. kat c. :

    I never had a microwave in my entire life. my mum said it’s bad because of the radiation. is it really? i truly need to find out!


  429. Kimberly L :

    Oh boy, why wouldn’t anyone need a new microwave. I have had the same microwave for over 20 years, the paint or whatever it is on the door – on the inside is peeling off. Is probably not good for our health. Would love to have a new one and step into the 21st century a bit.

  430. ELSIE :



  431. Brooke :

    It’s more like my old (ancient) microwave deserves to be put to sleep. It’s so hazardous that we need to keep close watch of everything being microwaved because of the occasional sparks that fly around in there.

  432. ladawn :

    i really would like to win this microwave, mine just went to microwave heaven after 7 years of committed service.

  433. Kate :

    My microwave is so from the late 80’s. t is brown and black, doesn’t have a rotator, and the numbers are hard to see on the microwave. I need a new one! Also, going to visit the fam, and would love to use this sauce.


  434. Carol :

    My microwave, too, is really, really old and in dire need of updating and replacing. Looking forward to the new instant buttons that the newer models have. Our present microwave is the most-used appliance in the house. Thanks for the contests.

  435. Jayfr :

    Like you, I had a microwave over 20 years old. But it just decided to lock its door on us, so we have to toss it. I could use a new microwave.

  436. Michael :

    Do I DESERVE to win? No, although I would not pass up the opportunity of winning. As someone once said… “the winners in life are the losers who keep trying” :)


  437. Rhonda Hunt :

    i deserve a new microwave because i’ve had mine for 8 years and it takes forever to cook anything!

  438. bev :

    I could use a new microwave. My microwave is as old as my daughter and she’s 28. I bought it the year she was born,lol. It still works, but is huge, compared to the “new” ones. Thanks for having the great contest and Happy Holidays to all

  439. Anonymous :

    My microwave is not working and I use it all of the time – I really need this!


  440. Starshine3 :

    I would like to win this because we need a new microwave. Our current microwave is acting very sporadic, and I’m starting to not trust it. Sometimes it just stops for no reason, or makes a funny sound right after starting. Thanks for the chance to win a new one!

  441. ssmina :

    why not me!?

  442. rfrakes331k :

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

    Merry Christmas!

    We could use a new microwave as ours is 15 years old!

  443. lilyk :

    I deserve to win because I could use a new microwave and I love Bertolli!

  444. Heather :

    I need this because I have a cold, cold heart that needs warming. haha.
    No, I need it because the one we’re using now is acting strange and I’m scared to stand in the same room with it while it does its job.

  445. Kathryn :

    My (very old) microwave scares me. Nuff said.
    Thanks for the contest!

  446. azrosebud :

    I need to win for several reasons – first off, you need a screwdriver to open the door and secondly, we really don’t cook – so we desperately need something to heat our food in – thanksgiving was a nightmare

  447. BrnEyedGal :

    I dont need the microwave either…Im being honest. BUT…my mom, bless her heart, who lives alone and tries her best to do everything herself, DOES need this microwave. She would love this xmas gift!
    ddavidpatrick at gmail dot com

  448. calgirl :

    I have two men, my husband and teen son who are both working and going to school and have very little time to get something nutritious to eat. Fast food is costly and we need to save money.

    A microwave will truely help us eat at home, save money and stay healthier.

  449. Kattzzz :

    This looks a bit like my old microwave that burnt up in my house fire.

  450. kat :

    My daughter is a single mom and she don’t have alot of money to buy stuff and this would be nice for her. Thanks.

  451. klp1965 :

    i deserve to win because my microwave is awful it doesnt even turn the turntable and i have a better chance of heating something up in the sun rather than my microwave :(

  452. Andrea :

    I own a microwave that cooks terrifically – but it no longer has an inside light or a handle. I have to (pry) open the door and peek inside often to see how my dish is coming along because it is so dark in there. I have lived with it because I am now an empty nester and it was not important for just me.

    Last month, my daughter had a baby and my son moved back to town with his children – I now have three grandchildren in the house as often as possible. The microwave has become an indespensible part of life, and I dearly wish for at least a new handle and replaceable lightbulb! Hm…pasta is the older grandchildrens’ favorite meal!

    (…and Happy First Birthday, Petit Elefant!)

  453. silverbele :

    A microwave is a great prize

  454. Celia :

    After reading the comments, I think some of these ladies really need a microwave more than I do. But mine is getting old and a new one would sure be nice. And I promise to give my old one to the local home furnishings charity if I win.

    nunnelleyc (at)yahoo.com

  455. robin :

    my microwavew is broke.but i would give it to my daughter who is in the marines .she has a baby who is 8 months.with working,takeing care of baby and all that pt,plus takeing care of house, this would save her lots of time.plus a few dinners to boot!merry christmas!

  456. Betty C :

    OK, my microwave isn’t all bad. It still heats. But it’s old and HUGE. It’s only 750 watts so it takes longer to heat or cook anything. The buttons don’t make any sounds when you push them so you have to be really careful and watch the digital readout for time. I would so love to have a nice new microwave and getting yummy Bertolli is a huge bonus.

  457. pitaharmon :

    My hubby deserves to win because he works all night and has been worried about his job (auto industry in MI) and his hobby is cooking. He cooks everyday when he comes home in the morning for me and our stove only has 2 out of the 4 burners working, so he uses the microwave alot to heat things up and its so old the turntable inside doesn’t rotate anymore, and its about to bite the dust any day now. It would be nice if something good happened to him for once!


    My kids wanted popcarn while I was in the bath.
    So my 8 year old grab the stove top jiffy pop(the one in the mental pan) & put it in the microwave!
    I had to jump out of the tub grab a towel run into the kitchen, grab the mircowave which was on fire inside & throw it outside.
    Can you believe they still wanted me to make them some popcorn after I got threw soaking my hands in hot water & putting baniades on the burns on tips of my fingers.
    I was so freaked out by it ~I have not even gotten another one yet!
    When I do~the kidos will never be allowed to use it until they are 21 !

  459. Melissa, Ryan and Addy :

    Our microwave isn’t old, but it’s been a total piece of junk since day one! It heats things totally slowly and unevenly. We’re also poor college students, so we’d love the hook-up!

  460. ladcraig :

    I personally don’t need the microwave myself, but my sister-in-law does. She is recently divorced and is starting a new life for herself and young daughter. What a nice housewarming gift a new microwave would make. :)

  461. kohndr :

    Because I’m hungry?? Seriously, I am a divorced mom with two children and my microwave doesn’t work right and I need a new one.

  462. jennifer57 :

    because my mom could really use a new microwave :)

  463. Jan :

    I would give this to my daughter and her family — I have a nice, working microwave but she does not. It would make their Christmas.

  464. Melissa Leinart :

    I need this microwave! My old microwave, which was a wedding gift, finally gave up the ghost this week. It would be so great to have a new one that actually works. You don’t realize how much you use a microwave until you don’t have one.

  465. cstironkat :

    My microwave doesn’t show the time anymore. It is painfully slow and burns the popcorn before it all gets popped.


    I tore downa wall between my kitchen and my dinding room and started to remodel my kitchen on my own. Stove is broken, new one coming in time, but are using our tiny 25 year old microwave right now. Would love a new one to help us venture into our future kitchen….

  467. blown96cobra :

    We used to have a built-in microwave, and we just moved. So now, we don’t have one at all, and can’t believe how many things have to be microwaved. We need one so bad, and I can’t believe it’s white! All of our other appliances are white, so it would match and everything. Thanks for a great giveaway, Merry CHRISTmas!

  468. cassandra :

    I need a microwave due to the damage it has received for being handed down in my family all these years and finally meeting its match with my brother. My mother would love to have a new microwave.


  469. Valancia :

    Iuse th microwave so very much since Im disabled and cant stand up for long periods of time to cook any more so if that qualifies why I deserve it, I dont know .. but,that is why I’d like to win it. .skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  470. MySentimentExactLee :

    We are moving into a new home soon and it would be a really nice treat!

    Lee :)
    leechrista @ gmail dot com

  471. conlar :

    What a great combo: a microwave and Bertolli all wrapped in one! My current microwave is on it’s last leg.

  472. hg1234 :

    I don’t hava microwave at work. I need one

  473. PowerSweepstaking :

    ours is shot… takes twice as long to heat up (that’s what she said)…

  474. PowerSweepstaking :

    just twitted, username sweepstaking

  475. LizzyLanguage :

    I will probably donate the microwave to a needy family.

  476. Anonymous :

    I need this microwave because ours just “Quit!”

    wendym at cableone dot net

  477. Anonymous :

    Im getting divorced and moving out of state (back by my family) I will have almost nothing to start out with as I have to start from scratch with my 2 year old daughter. I dont have a job lined up yet and hope I can find one soon or times will be rough with the economy as it is today. My main concern is getting wiring done so I can have electricity to even run a microwave. This would be a start to a hopefully promising future with my daughter. fordgtgrl@yahoo.com

  478. bndraldy :

    My microwave is so old it could probably be carbon dated. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway! Happy Holidays to One and All!!!!

  479. Tonysopranogirl :

    I can’t say I deserve this beautiful microwave…..I very well may be on the naughty list this year…but I do covet it greatly! Seriously I am a Mom of three children who swim, wrestle and go to brownie scout meetings. I could really use a new microwave to make meals on the run.

  480. Sonya :

    My microwave finally died a few weeks ago and I’m borrowing one at the moment. This would help a lot!

  481. gahome2mom :

    Oh, I know! I will be celebrating my 26th anniversary this month. The economy will put a damper on gift giving this year. I will look forward to having the chance to win the giveaway. TY :) Merry Christmas. What should someone get for 26 years? (No, not older!) LOL

  482. Kerri Sigmon :

    My mother is retired and her microwave is ancient and needs to be updated. I would love to win this for her. thanks for the sweep.

  483. memetu :

    I am a mom for my family of 8 and my appliances are in a meltdown. I don’t like to think that I am; I am just a little frazzled that’s all but my appliances are dying.

  484. Anonymous :


  485. Beverley :

    My microwave is so old and decrepit, I’m surprised it didn’t enter this giveaway for me just so it could retire!

  486. Noggy :

    I can’t say it any simpler than my 5 year old microwave died a few weeks ago. I never thought I would miss it but I have surprised to find out how much I come to depend on it for quick warm ups of leftovers, hot water for that one cup of instant coffee or a bag of popcorn when I get the craving for something between meals.

  487. Anonymous :

    I would so love to give this to my younger sister and her husband. They don't have the best of things, so this would be great to give as a late christmas present!

    Thanks for the contest & happy holidays to all :)


  488. keith reardon :

    my microwave needs to be replaced, it started smoking last week

  489. Liz :

    I’d love to actually give this away to my younger brother. He and his bride to be are getting married at age 21. :0 Yes, very young..and thus they don’t have much! Thanks for doing this!

  490. Samantha P :

    our microwave is about to die so this would be awesome for us!

  491. JamericanSpice :

    I deserve it because I’m a busy housewife who sometimes need to just pop in a burrito.

    I have your button on my blog.

    I have also subscribed.

    I can’t find how to email you.

  492. Phil :

    my moms microwave quit last month and needs a new one!!!

  493. Denise :

    My microwave died about 8 weeks ago. We are learning to live without it, but I sure miss being able to heat leftovers quickly.

  494. Brimful Curiosities :

    My husband’s workplace is mostly mechanics and groundscrew people, but the microwave in the office is old, crusty and takes forever to heat food. They could really, really use a new one. Thanks so much.

  495. Kristie :

    My husband and I have a little old microwave that he used in college. It just has a knob that you turn to set the time-absolutely no other options! It would be great to have a nicer/newer one!

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  496. Sarah :

    I deserve this because as a mom of three month old twins I never get to eat my dinner while it’s hot. It ALWAYS has to be reheated. Great giveaway!

  497. Tempest52 :

    Hmmm…well, my microwave still works, although I do need to use a pair of pliers to change from High to Low. So I don’t need a new microwave but oh my how I’d love to have a lovely shiny new white one that has no bad memories of an evil ex-husband attached :).

    dlcwin AT gmail DOT com

  498. marlena :

    Well, I turned 30 in October and I am STILL using the same Amana microwave that my mom used to warm my baby bottles. Yes…the microwave is from 1978 and yes…they warmed baby bottles in the microwave back then!! :) It works fine but it takes up half of my counter because it is so big. I would love a new microwave and the chance to retire this one…I think it is time! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com